Monday, May 16, 2011

Not what I expected

I mentioned here that I wanna keep my hair long enough.. But I changed my mind after that =P

Went to the hair stylist whom I always consulted to do something like this (which curls-in only at the end)

image from here

But end up.........
it became quite curly (something which I already did few years before)

and this is the back view

Some said it's nice and some said not. Well, since it's already like this there's no point I comment so much right? But honestly I am abit disappointed with the hair stylist, she said she knew what I want when I asked her but.... Nevermind, I should have showed her a photo 1st.

And now I'm just gonna live with it, and wait until my hair grows longer to proceed to the next style, LOL. (by the way, I think I look 5 years older more matured with this new hairstyle =_=)

Have you ever feel disappointed with your hair stylist?


  1. OH, i feel that most times .. esp after the haircut or perm.. sigh.. sometimes i went back two days later to get them do it better..
    but yours aint too bad.. only that you need to apply mousse?

  2. errr, looks very different from the photo woh.. did you actually showed your hairstylist that sample?? sometimes there could be misunderstanding when telling them what you want leh, so the best thing is to show what you want.. but then nothing wrong with the hair lah, still pretty mah :)

  3. oops. didn't get what you requested o. the style that curls in only for the end part? i guess that's something in fashion nowadays. nvm.. do it next time. and remember to show the picture to the hairstylist 1st =) my bf doesn't really agree on me getting my hair perm, or me having short hair. so i still remain with long straight hair. nothing can go wrong with straight hair. sien hor? :S

  4. No worries, you can buy those DIY hair do kit to straighten the upper part of your hair and leave the lower part curl, tht's what my sis does!^^

  5. I think you still look gorgeous with the new hairstyle. Probably you not used to the new look.

  6. The front look is nice ya.. but the back view is 'ma ma de' for me..

  7. Anything looks nice on you Hayley, just enjoy it and maybe you can change to the one you like later on. usually I prefer girls with straight long hair,but that is my own preference.
    I had a bad experience with a hairdresser sometimes back. my previous hairdresser for many years had quit after her marriage and so when I went to another shop and told them I want it a bit short , she nod and said she understand, then she took the cutter instead of the sissors and went zoom. It end up very short! not I want. sometimes I think these people do not understand their customers. at least not sure ask la right?

  8. Just remember York Mei, you bring out the style not the other way around, ya... cos i am serious you will look as stunning even if you go bald,,,that's true, if you know just how to bring out the see most of the times we are controlled by what other say...

  9. oh i love your new look. it's very stylish :) i've always wanted this kind of hairstyle but too impatient to grow it long and perm. yes i have been disappointed with my hairstylist before :D

  10. yo curl again... haha.. u shd hv shown d pic to ur stylist :)

  11. Sometimes we have "bad hair" days with our stylist, right? I have thin hair, thus I'm very very afraid to change my stylist. You look fresh with this new hair style :)

  12. Psstt...anything else but if your hubby finds it beautiful, that's all that you need to know?? LOL

  13. Yes, I also have this feeling before. May be it is time to go for a change, a hair stylist i mean, for something new.

  14. Somehow, I don't know how to appreciate curls. I still prefer straight.. very "see pan" one haha. If I'm disappointed with a cut, I usually will just tie it up (if long enough). If short hair, will have to tahan lor... no choice.

  15. Claire, oh really? Yes, I need to apply either mousse or gel to make the curls stay in shape..

    SK, like I mentioned, I didn't show her the sample photo cause I trusted her (I consulted her for years already).

    Ying Ying, yes thats something like 'korean style', I'm eager to try that but end up.... =_="
    Haha, straight hair is very common, but its the easiest style to keep.

    Alice, thanks for the suggestion but I don't think I have the time and effort to do so.... unless I don't have to work =P

    ChrisAu, haha thanks!

    Mummy Moon, haha, sometimes I chose to tie them up!

    Johnnie, oh that was surely a bad experience for you huh.... yes agree, at least ask and confirm before they start doing!

    Eugene, 'cos i am serious you will look as stunning even if you go bald', are you sure?? haha...

    Barbara, thank you! The only thing is it need 'maintenance'..

    The Tiny Me, yes now I know already....

    Yvonne, agree. And thanks for the compliment!

    Robinson, hahaha, true also la... =P

    Yan, I agree. So now, I just gotto go survey which salon is nicer, LOL.

    ChloeRuoyi, straight hair is the easiest style to maintain!

  16. It's a frustration when hairstyle doesn't turn the way we intend it to.

    Anyway the back looks ok to me, the front a little too curly for my personal liking but u don look bad in it. Should say looks quite good ^^

  17. YT, yes, feel so disappointed and frust!
    Anyway, I sometimes tie it up, haha =P


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