Monday, May 23, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 2011

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Starring: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian Mcshane

I'm not a very big fan of Pirates installments, but since this is the latest movie on show, I joined my friends for a Sunday movie time.
Personally, this installment has lesser actions and more talking. I actually expect to see more weird stuff/creatures... Nonetheless, the character Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has never failed me. He is so hilarious and at certain scenes, very sampat I'd say =)

Overall, still a nice movie to watch.

Personal rating: 3.5/5


  1. It was quite a disappointment to me. Nearly fell asleep in the cinema. Other than Jack Sparrow, nothing else is interesting.

    And the 3D effect SUCKS.

  2. This instalment is the least exciting to my expectation. The plot in the earlier films are more interesting and unpredictable. No black pearl, no sotong-faced man but my girl is fascinated by mermaids....

  3. oh dear....thought it should be a great movie but so many are disappointed.

  4. Hmm, I've watch the 3D one. I love the mermaids too...all are so pretty... Not much excited scene this time accept the "sampat" Jack Sparrow! LoL...

    NOTE: Big Cheese and her daughter sat beside us only...I realised it when the movie finished!

  5. On behalf of captain jack sparrow, big thank you for promo this movie but rest assured your "secret word" is safe with us - no way he'll know this word sampat unless he got a translator

  6. Disneyland movies are always entertaining!

  7. Hi Hayley, you sure a great movie fan.....
    Incidentally, how many cinemas are there where you are? Or you go Penang see movies?
    Have fun.

  8. i watched the 3D version last friday courtesy of TNT.. it was nice i think, at least i didn't fall asleep though it's a 9pm show, haha!! but 3D effect not enough lor..

  9. So how close am I with my review? Haha 1 is poor and 10 is awesomeness.

    Jack Sparrow... hahaha

  10. No Keira Knighley....dun want to watch liao!

  11. This is a show I must watch... lol, no special reason, just because I have to follow up the previous episode I watched!^^

  12. Hehehe....I'll just wait for hubby to download from internet or wait for him to buy the DVD, but that's still subjected to if Juan Or can let me watch the show in peace.

  13. Actually it wasn't that bad la, right? The love scene between the mermaid and the priest was a bit off, though. Haha...

  14. YT, you nearly fell asleep?? Hmm, I don't think it's that bad though =_=

    Yvonne, agree. Only the mermaids are more attractive...

    mNhL, well, not to say very bad la, but if to compare, previous episodes are better...

    Angeline, hubby and I don't like 3D, so we watched the normal one =)

    Robinson, LOL, welcome welcome *blek*

    Claire, not all though.. to me la...

    Lee, there's only ONE cinema at my hometown.. Used to go Penang to watch when there was no cinema here..

    SK, not sure how is the 3D effect, cause I watched the normal one..

    Daniel, quite close? LOL.

    Pete, haha Penelope Cruz also not bad la (but I also prefer Keira *wink*)

    Alice Law, hope you already watch it!

    Alice Phua, guess you'll need to wait for some times to download it from Internet??

    Jiawen, yes, not that bad, still enjoyed the funny parts =D

  15. Not yet(my anak sakit mar), but soon...(fingers crossed)!

  16. Alice Law, ya, hope you get to watch it real soon...


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