Saturday, May 21, 2011

A short visit to a castle

Heard about Kellie's Castle? It's situated near Baru Gajah, Perak. It's about 20 mins drive from Ipoh.

the view from the front. This unfinished castle was built by a Scottish planter, William Kellie Smith since 1915

we paid it a visit last Sunday..

the view from top of the castle... the entrance ticket is RM4 per person

all of us in front of the castle

it was like posing in some historical place at Rome, LOL

with hubby

we climbed to the top of the castle. There's actually nothing much to see in this castle, only those walls and some architecture. A friend said, a nicer way to name it, is Kellie's Castle, in another word, it's actually 'ghost house' =_=

last but not least, a group photo of us!

We then headed to Tanjung Tualang for some nice seafood. Stay tune for the photos!


  1. Hayley,
    heard about it but have not visited it yet. hope to'll be my tour guide ? :)

  2. any ghost story to tell? i'm interested ^^ i nvr visited the place before, mayb should go one day, so that when people ask, i can tell them about it.

  3. I visited that place for my 2010/2011 new year trip down to ipoh. yes it does have a ghost story too... haha

    Its really nice place for photography, but sadly nothing much there to make you stay longer..

    Still its a fun place to visit and pictures :D

  4. been there once.. cukup! hahaha.. the castle quite.. er.. better not say.. will look forward to seeing yr seafood pics!

  5. Looks like a nice place for photography :)

  6. Nice pixs there! You won't believe that I never been there before although I was from Ipoh !!

  7. If not the mistaken, i heard background story it was dedication from a guy to his loved one & after google confirmed LOL

  8. ADD-ON : If these is "symbolic visit", may it strengthen the strong bond btw both of you -so what's next - Taj Mahal?

    Ok just kidding :)

  9. Many people told me about that place but I haven't been there before. But was it boring?

  10. i've not been to Kellie's Castle before, but i heard this place is haunted, true?? :)

  11. Johnnie, haha GPS will guide you there, no worries!

    Ying Ying, no, no ghost story to tell... it was my first visit there (and probably the last visit?) LOL..

    Daniel, YT, yes, a great place for photography, thats it!

    Yvon, haha thanks babe!

    Claire, I know what you wanna say liao~

    ChrisAu, haha actually nothing much to see also la..

    Robinson, yes you're right. It's dedicated to William's wife..

    Shirlexia, boring... nothing to see, but at least got scenery to take photos..

    SK, thats what I heard from my friend too... >.<

  12. was it spooky when you were there? didn't know they now charge a fee to visit. i went there about 20 years ago...before anyone did anything to the castle. it looked scary back then.

  13. RM4 to enter the ghost house, hehehehe! I may need to consider going there. hahahah!

  14. Ghost house, lol!!

    But it's a famous spot for taking pics. The architecture is beautiful.

  15. Got some 'thing' standing behind the photos......
    he he he, just joking lah...

  16. Barbara, erm, a little bit =P
    Go with a gang of friends is better.

    Yan, haha, I din't know that we need to pay the entrance ticket.

    Yvonne, yes, nothing else there, only taking photos.

    mNhL, yes, the surroundings is quite big~

    Pete, watch your words! haha =)

  17. There have a nice view, can take nice portrait there..xD


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