Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank you very much.....

... is the lady cook's tagline.

I was assigned by my lunchmate, Yan, to blog about this lady cook and her cookings. We discovered a new kopitiam for our lunch, it's Restaurant Xin Tian Tian (新天天), situated at Jalan Medan Saujana 4, Kamunting (near The Store, Kamunting).

This is the kopitiam I'm talking about. Previously, it was called 'hao peng you' (好朋友)

We go to this kopitiam quite frequently now for the.....

1. fried kuey teow

2. fried mantis prawns with rice (notice the additional fried egg? it was the add-on by the lady cook that time, because the mantis prawns were not enough, haha)

3. fried bihun

4. pork meat porridge

5. sweet and sour pork rice

6. and our ultimate favourite, fried tai lok mee (no idea what it's called in English)

*photos credit to Yan*

Now back to the blog post title.. The lady cook is a very friendly chinese aunty who greet us like nobody business everytime she sees us. She calls us 大美女 (as super pretty girl) and thank us a few times whenever we leave. haha =D

And when the food served a little longer, she would say 'thousand apology... sorry for keep you all waiting.....' =_= It made us feel like we're dining in some 5-star rated restaurant, LOL.

We love her food because they are very yummy and the food price is reasonable (between RM4-RM6), most importantly, it's near to our office. But one thing we don't like is that the kopitiam is not very clean.... Now I hope they will improve on this matter.....


  1. Hayley,
    you makes me so gian already. you must take me there one day. :)

  2. She was sincere, you are indeed a super 大美女!^^

  3. I went there before, the foods indeed yummy!!

  4. wow, the noodles looks very yummy especially that fat noodles.. and i guess partly also because of the good and friendly service of the boss?? now that is the way we should do business right?? :)

  5. Harlow 大美女... again -_- I dont know why I read you blog is always in the wrong timing.

    Now im hungry like mad!

  6. Hi Hayley, the dishes shown here looks absolutely delicious. And the aunty sure knows about how to treat customers.
    This is missing in most shops, even 5 star hotels restaurants.

    I love that 'tai lok mee'. My wife makes that sometimes.
    I remember Kamunting estate, as well a I think Green lane estate?

    Hayley, how's the restaurants up at Maxwell Hill?
    And what about that old restaurant, coffee shop at the Lake Gardens? Still there?
    Used to go there for my lunch and iced coffee back in the '70s on my way to Penang.

    As well remember on main street on way out of town, there was a big tree, next door a well known coffee shop, it had the best poh pia in town.
    People come from far to eat the poh pia.
    Love Taiping.

  7. "Thank you very much...", hahaha I remember that tagline. I still can hear her thanking us 10 meter away from the shop. She's exaggerated.

  8. Really beh tahan this aunty one, some more London Speaking one. But seriously, the food is yummy, the aunty is hilarious and warm.

  9. Wa lau that boss very sek cho : praise some more apologetic - sure this character attracts many customer (bonus point) & plus nice food = "paradise makan place"

  10. The lady cook really knows how to win your hearts. Maybe she saw you taking photos of her food... she must be thinking that you are helping her to advertise ;) But seriously, the food looks really good!

  11. The mantis prawn rice and the sweet sour pork rice looks good.

    I think great services do give extra credits to an eatery. Yesterday I went lunch with a colleague at a restaurant which is not that cheap, but the lady serving us has this face as if I owed her one billion :( Really spoil my appetite to no end.

  12. Johnnie, haha sure, come Taiping!

    Mery, Evelyn, yes they are!

    Alice Law, haha thanks =P

    SK, I agree. If the boss is friendly and nice, surely the customers would go visit again.

    Daniel, LOL. Hope you won't hate me =P

    Lee, wow you still remember Kamunting? It's developing fast now.
    Restaurant at Maxwell hill? Hmm, sorry but it's been almost 9 years since my last visit. As for the Lake Garden, we do have a few hawker center nearby, not sure is it the one you're refering?

    Yvonne, haha yes, it's difficult as we need to cross the road and at the same time, acknowledege her...

    Yan, LOL.. London speaking, surprising huh? =)

    Robinson, yea, she is able to make her customers to come back for more...

    ChloeRuoyi, haha may be!

    YT, I understand how you feel. Hmm, those should learn to ditch that attitudes away...

  13. what a nice place to have lunch with colleagues during working days, with many good choice of food plus a humble and friendly lady cook :)

  14. Ying Ying, yay, I miss her food now~
    By the way, sorry for not leaving you a comment as I am having problem posting comment in your blog =_="

  15. All the food look so nice.

  16. it's almost lunch time and i am drooling over your pics :P

  17. Barbara and Hwi Yee, haha =D


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