Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wishes for them

Catherine surprised us with her sudden news of getting married, in her FB status. The wedding dinner will be held at JB (her hubby is from JB) this Saturday. Initially I planned to attend, but after second thought, I cancelled the plan as it's too far away. She also told me it's not necessary to travel so far.
Anyway, she had a simple buffet dinner at her Taiping home last week and we were invited.

she managed to show us one wedding photo of her (through laptop)

And now, I'll just let the photos do the talking....

gals who are still working at Taiping

with the soon-to-be newly wed

couples? =)

more couples

Hubby and I with Cat and Xian

she is the tallest among our gang (obviously =p)

more photos now...

with hubby

okok, one last photo... I know you are bored of our faces already, LOL

that's Catherine's niece in front

Thanks for the invitation and sorry gal for not able to attend your wedding at JB. Wishing you and hubby a blessed marriage and hope to see your baby bump the next time we meet! ^^


  1. nice couple. actually jb is not that far.,oh I forgot you are from Taiping hor. then just take a flight.lor. I have been driving down to kl almost every month just to attend friend's wedding.attended one last month, this month another one. this is once in their life time and if I am able would not like to disappoint them.

  2. Wow! JB must be too far from your hometown right? Anyway, congrats to your friend. I wish her happiness.

    I also got a surprised wedding invitation from a girl I knew only for three days during our teacher's course. It was so kind of her to invite me to her wedding. Unfortunately, due to distance, I had to pass the invitation.

    It's good to attend wedding isn't it?

    Have a nice day Hayley.

  3. Long time i didnt attend any wedding dinners already.. guess my age group over liow!

  4. FYI, I'm single and I think Taiping girls are really pretty... hahaha

    Congrats to your friend =)

  5. hmmmm, with a sudden message given in FB, most probably she'll be posting another surprise in FB about her baby's fullmoon later, hehe~~ :p

  6. Happy surprise is always welcomed, right? Congrats to newly wed. They look happy.

  7. LOL @ SK's comment! You got it, Ah Boy! I'm suspecting the same too.

    Congrats to your friends and have a blessed marriage~

  8. wow.. it's kinda far to travel from Taiping to JB.. anyway, congrats to your friend. Wish they have a blissful marriage. Btw, i also think that Taiping girls are really pretty ^^

  9. visited here with a smile.. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  10. Surprise wedding ha? usually older mind will connect surprise wedding with "baby",if you know what i mean hahahahhah.

    anyway, nice to keep the friendship going, cos we might like it that way

  11. congrats to your friend. Like the way you and hubby posed. Always so LOVING!

  12. Johnnie, I understand. But since I'll be the only one who is going, so I actually cancel the plan lo~

    Willie, thank you ya!
    Yes, its good to attend wedding and share the happiness with the newly wed (despite the 'ang pao' part, haha)

    Claire, haha, now waiting for your daughter's wedding =D

    Daniel, hahaha are you talking about me? kekeke =P

    SK, now we all waiting to see her new born leh.... hehehe...

    Yan, yaya agree. Happy surprise is always welcomed.. And you're right, they are really happy!

    Yvonne, thanks ya!

    Ying Ying, yes. It takes about 6-7 hours of car drive... Thats why I cancel the plan... =_=

    Mr Lonely, thanks and visited your blog!

    Eugene, haha right. Usually if one plan for a 'sudden' wedding, surely it's because baby one, hahaha :D

    mNhL, hehe thank you!

  13. wish them "Hang Fuk" and "Fai Lok" :)

  14. Congrats to ur friend :)

    ps: Out of curiosity, is the bag u are using a gucci Jolie?

  15. Congrats to Cat and Xian! A happy couple ;)

  16. Congratulation to your friends, so happy for them!^^

  17. Hey Hayley!
    Dropped by after seeing your comment from Thule's blog.
    Cool, I like ur blog :)
    Do drop me an email at thenomadGourmand@gmail.com if you're open to attend events with me. :)

  18. Congrats to your friends, another happy couple. :)

  19. Congrats to the lovely couple! Always enjoy looking at your photos. :)

  20. Congrats to the lovely couple!

  21. To Kian Fai, Alice, InspiredMomx1, Mummy Gwen and Pete, on behalf of my friends, thanks ya!

    YT, yep thats Gucci Jolie tote bag =)

    Armstrong, I tried to visit your blog but it's not accessible.

    thenomadGourmand, thanks for the visit!


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