Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bidor, Perak

Before I compile and upload the Sungkai photos, let me tell you a place in Bidor which serve the famous duck wan tan mee (鸭腿云吞面) and fried yam dumpling (炸芋角). We were there after the Sungkai trip, it was my first time there.

All queue up to buy the siew pau and yam dumpling

An old uncle, probably in his 70s, runs the stall selling siew pau and wu kok. RM1.70 per piece.

This is the famous duck wan tan mee, RM7 per bowl, with generous amount of wan tan mee, vegetables, ginger slice and a big yummy duck leg. The soup has a light scent of chinese herb

This is the dry type, with the similar soup as above

And here comes my favourite yam dumpling! Hot and yummy on the inside, crunchy on the outside!

That's us before saying bye bye. The girls travel back to KL and me, travel back to my home sweet home

Here's the address of the restaurant:
Pun Chun Restaurant
38-40, Main Road,
35500 Bidor,
Tel: 05-4341554

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Been MIA for few days and I miss my blog and yours too!
Weekend was a good one as I had a great gathering with my gal friends at Sungkai Hot Springs. We actually planned for this trip since like, few years ago but never made it come true =_= But this time, we made it and consider it as our 1st official outstation trip since we left school! (Okay I exaggerated :P)

Give me some times to catch up with your blogs while I sort out some outstanding jobs. I shall blog about this trip very soon cause I think the place is really highly recommended! haha :D

Til then, happy Tuesday folks!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Masking the eyes

Just want to share a nice product I've been using recently, Bioglo Lift & Firm Eye Mask, from Cosway.

I cannot recall the actual price, but I remember it's less than RM 25 after discount

Each box contains 4 pairs of eye masks

Easy and clear instructions

The mask is quite big which reach until the cheek, LOL.

After a month of using, I do see the results. The mask is pretty moistened and has a light scent of fragrance. My under eye area is more firm after used. Of course it takes times to see the big difference. Dark circles and eye bags are really hard to tackle, guess I still need more patience =)

Have you use this before? Or any other brand to recommend?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Seriously does this gives you a shock? :0

Monday, June 20, 2011

A short date with Mr Rogers

Erm nothing much, just wanna post something before I retire to bed.

It's been a while since I last have Kenny Rogers, hubby is not a big fan, so am I. But we were running outta ideas of what to eat on a Saturday, so end up at Kenny Rogers.

A photo of us 1st =)

Saw this new choice, taste ok. But the bowl is too small, haha

Side dishes for both of us

Hubby ordered this, that's what we had on a Saturday evening, before hubby feed himself with more beer later on, quite a big eater eh? :P

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A simple celebration for papa

Had a simple dinner with mum and dad in advance of Father's Day.

With my dearest parents

Will celebrate again next week, when brother comes back =)

Went to this Hai Nan restaurant (海南村) situated at Lorong Tupai, Taiping.

Ordered their signature prawn, called 蒙古虾(fried Mongolia prawns), super tasty! RM23

Black pepper pig intestines soup (猪肚汤), slightly spicy though. RM18

Stir fry kailan with beancurd (清炒芥兰花). RM9

Another signature dish, claypot seabass. Heavenly good!! I like the gravy! RM68

Total bill is RM 125, including rice and chinese tea. The food here is abit expensive, but they have the quality in terms of taste, really. When it first opened, I had a bad experience with them as we already reserved a table and dishes in advance, but still spent 2 good long hours of waiting. Nonetheless, they improved now and I will go there more often, haha :P

Hai Nam Village Seafood Restaurant
7 & 9, Lorong Tupai,
34000 Taiping,
Tel: 0195510751

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday

After a long working week it's Flyday finally! :D

Received this free travel kit yesterday, by liking and registering at NanoWhite page in FB.

Small gift, but enough to make my day a lil happier =)

Consist of day cream, night repair cream and whitening serum. Looking forward to try and see the results

They also included a bookmark and a postcard, what a good day to promote ya!

Going for Father's Day dinner later, made it in advance to avoid the crowd on Sunday. Wishing all fathers out there, a very Happy Father's Day!
Hope you're having a great day and enjoy your weekend!^^

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BDS night

Black Dog Society (BDS) had a great night last Saturday! We were invited by a lady friend, Evon to attend her sister wedding reception. Now I shall let the pictures do all the talking...

Group photo of us! =)

Yumm senngg~

That's the newly wed on the stage

We had special invitation card ^^

No need to say who already =)

My best friend Annie and I

The guys had Chivas Regal aged 12 years, Tiger beer and Guinness Stout

The hot and cold combination was good!

Overall the food were great! It was prepared by a seafood restaurant from Kuala Sepetang

Cute baby, Alvin and the rest of the friends

Other couples who attended the dinner

More couples!

Dinner ended early by 10pm. Some of us went to the nearby karaoke for second round of celebration. Went home by 12am as hubby was half drunk already =_=

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Khlong Hae Floating Market

*Edit: Opps, I forgot to mention that we went to full body oil massage on the 1st day, it's 500TB (RM50) for about 2 hours. So relaxing!*

Went to this floating market at Hatyai, we almost cancelled our plan cause it was drizzling in the evening. Thank God the rain stopped =)

This was my second time there, things are not much changed though

Yours truly, before started my makan makan time ^^

A group photo of us first!

Bought this pulut mangga, yummy!

All sorts of fried insects =_= No, we dare not try any......

Spotted these cute puppies for sale!

Also this pity lil cute kitten, I so wanna bring it home! =(

The crowd was crazy that time, so I din't snapped much photos. But there're ALOT of local Thai food and snacks there, the hawkers parked their boats there and started their business. Price is very reasonable!

Friends and hubby enjoying the food and drink, under the hot sun

Khlong Hae market is slightly far from the town area, tuk tuk fee is about RM3-RM4 per person. Anyway, it's a worth a visit!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hatyai Part II

Miscellaneous from my previous Hatyai trip.......

View from our hotel room, 31st floor. This time we stayed at Lee Gardens Plaza, RM190 per room. It was hot when we were there, but still tolerable, at least not as hot and dry as Taiping =_=

'Kuey Zhap', taste quite nice - 40TB (RM4)

Dinner for 1st night. Steamed seabass fish, seafood tomyam and stir fry asparagus - 1200TB (RM120)

Hubby and I in the tuk tuk car, fees is still the same as before, 20TB (RM2) per person

The other 3 couples

All of us now..

Breakfast, kinda heavy I know, haha :D We had this at Leng Kee restaurant: salted vegetables, pig stomach and intestine soup, curry fish head, pork with preserved vegetables, all top with yam rice (yummy) - about 1200 TB (RM120)

The ladies and the gentlemen, before we start off our shopping

My happy buy - 390TB (RM39), what I like is the bag, a transparent plastic with the handle which can be separated, so creative!

Our other happy buys, I'm loving the blue sling bag too! 390TB (RM39) which is quite cheapo~

Besides these shopping loots, we spent most of our money on transportation and food. I bought some dumplings, longan, mangoes and snacks too