Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BDS night

Black Dog Society (BDS) had a great night last Saturday! We were invited by a lady friend, Evon to attend her sister wedding reception. Now I shall let the pictures do all the talking...

Group photo of us! =)

Yumm senngg~

That's the newly wed on the stage

We had special invitation card ^^

No need to say who already =)

My best friend Annie and I

The guys had Chivas Regal aged 12 years, Tiger beer and Guinness Stout

The hot and cold combination was good!

Overall the food were great! It was prepared by a seafood restaurant from Kuala Sepetang

Cute baby, Alvin and the rest of the friends

Other couples who attended the dinner

More couples!

Dinner ended early by 10pm. Some of us went to the nearby karaoke for second round of celebration. Went home by 12am as hubby was half drunk already =_=


  1. hahaha, that's really a cool gang huh?? black dog society.. so what does that mean actually?? all like to drink guiness?? :D

  2. Wow... got special custom made invitation some more, proud of you guys!^^

    Can't stop laughing seeing how playful your gang and your husband were during the reception, what a fun and joyful gang!

  3. I like your eye make up. Looking more like wild cat eye. Sexy!

  4. You seems always have good nice times with your pals and hubby!! Nice!! Black dog society ? What's that ?

  5. Everytime i read your title post that got BDS one, i am sure i connect it with Guiness, Tiger, liquor, friends, enjoyment and happiness......

    see friends won't give you stress one hhahahaahah

  6. wah, special invitation card men! ^^

  7. Hi Hayley, love the pics here. You know, 25 years here in Canada I have never heard in any Chinese restaurant that "yam seng"!
    I guess its more Malaysian....
    Love the pics, and Hayley, you sure one real Asian or Chinese Barbie doll.
    You looking great....and that dimples of yours are real killers, ha ha.
    Have fun.

  8. so much food again?? you are making me hungry. hey, do the BDS need to wear their t-shirts at each gathering?

  9. Ok, now I'm jealous. How come the food served during your event is better than what I had last week (if you know when I'm referring to)? Lol!

  10. SK, you're so smart! We name it black dog because the gang likes Guinness Stout ('oo kao' in Hokkien) *wink*

    Alice Law, yes the card was a surprise actually~ And yes, hubby will act funny when he is drunk, LOL.

    Yan, thank you thank you~

    ChrisAu, erm, find us on Facebook, you'll find out more =P Just type black dog Society. So far, we have custom made our car stickers and t shirts.

    Eugene, haha yes, you're clever.

    Evelyn, hehe cool right!

    Lee, oh, but you know yum seng is definetely a must-shout on wedding receptions here in Msia.
    Haha, thanks for the compliment!

    Barb, it depends. Not necessary, but we will try to.. promote promote ma.. hehe.

    Yvonne, the food were good I have to say. Probably because there were not many tables that night, unlike the one you're refering to. hehe.

  11. u have got such fun group!

  12. So nice - armies of men & women in blacks! Ahh, i envy you for such a nice life +_+

    cheers & may good life flows continously as always :)

  13. mNhL, I have to say, they make me laugh alot =)

    Robinson, thanks! But no need to be envious, everybody can make good friends with others too!

  14. it's fun to attend weddings with a gang of crazy friends, a lot of chit chats and laughter :)

  15. From the pics, I can see you guys had a blast! :)

  16. YT, and Mummy Gwen, yes, we had lotsa fun! Life is fun with them around.


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