Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bidor, Perak

Before I compile and upload the Sungkai photos, let me tell you a place in Bidor which serve the famous duck wan tan mee (鸭腿云吞面) and fried yam dumpling (炸芋角). We were there after the Sungkai trip, it was my first time there.

All queue up to buy the siew pau and yam dumpling

An old uncle, probably in his 70s, runs the stall selling siew pau and wu kok. RM1.70 per piece.

This is the famous duck wan tan mee, RM7 per bowl, with generous amount of wan tan mee, vegetables, ginger slice and a big yummy duck leg. The soup has a light scent of chinese herb

This is the dry type, with the similar soup as above

And here comes my favourite yam dumpling! Hot and yummy on the inside, crunchy on the outside!

That's us before saying bye bye. The girls travel back to KL and me, travel back to my home sweet home

Here's the address of the restaurant:
Pun Chun Restaurant
38-40, Main Road,
35500 Bidor,
Tel: 05-4341554


  1. 之前跟老公回家乡时也是特地驾进 bidor去吃着闻名的鸭腿面,是好吃但是也并没有特别的好吃咯。哈哈哈。

  2. gosh, i have been to this place twice and never got the chance to try the noodle because it's always packed! is it really that good???

  3. Know about this place but never try the food there. The duck wan tan mee makes me drooling. Will sure drop by one day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. yeah, i remember this shop, very famous restaurant at the Bidor stopover!! wah, i think it's more than 10 years since my last visit there lor, miss the duck noodles and the yam puff~~

  5. Hayley,
    I was there few weeks ago, on my way back home from Ipoh, we stopped there for our dinner. though I don't quite fancy duck prepared in this manner, but the soup was quite nice. my prefered duck is roasted.

  6. This place got good crowd during holidays season!

  7. Have been to this restaurant a few times, but never got the chance to try out the food because it's always so crowded. Ended up buying snacks only.

    Those noodles look delicious, slurppp..... the soup.

  8. How come no more posting on movie? Used to see some here previously. I'm not a "monopoly" !!Haha jz kidding

    If got chance travel to perak, then your blog will the guide :)

  9. alamax.. now is my lunch time! Hungry!!!

  10. I been here before but it's really a long long time. I remember it was so crowded on a Saturday!

  11. So wanted to turn into Bidor town and try this a few weeks ago, when we were on our back back from Tangkak to Penang. Too bad we were all too tired of the travelling therefore decided to take some simple highway food at the stops along the way. Next time surely will go try it :)

  12. 珊姑娘, 哈哈,我也酱觉得,是不错,不过也不怎样令人回味无穷!:P

    Barb, yes the restaurant is always packed! Erm, taste ok la, I'd say worth a try la...

    Yan, no problem!!

    SK, I believe the restaurant has been here for many years, thru the architecture and the people working there....

    Johnnie, yes the soup is quite unique. At least not something I can find here at my hometown.

    Pete, ChrisAu, yaya and on Sundays too!

    YT, ok then you should make a trip down South to visit me and Bidor, LOL :P

    Yvonne, the noodles is not bad. And yes, lots of local snacks there!!

    Robinson, haha cause no interesting movies lately. Anyway, am waiting for Transformer tonight!! :D

    Merryn, haha hope you had taken something then.

    Ying Ying, hmm, nevermind, there's always next time! ^^

  13. The duck noodle is making me drool eventhough I don't like to eat duck meat! Hahaha. What a fun all-girls' trip you had :)

  14. ChloeRuoyi, hmm, worth a try for the first time la.. hehe =)


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