Thursday, June 2, 2011

A great lunch with flies

Last Sunday, the gang and I went to Bagan Samak for lunch. The restaurant is famous for its fresh water food, it was introduced by my FIL some times back.

The restaurant is in a chinese village at Bagan Samak (The journey is about 30 mins, from Taiping). It has no air conditioner (so it's quite hot actually) and has lots of flies..... But trust me, the food would make you forget about these frust...

8 of us...

We waited for like 20 mins++ due to the crowd. And now, the food.....

Steamed goby fish (南哥鱼). It was a big and fat one! Very fresh too!

Salted chicken (盐炬鸡), this one was not bad...

Fried prawns with curry powder (must try). It may look spicy but it's not. We were not lucky enough that day as they din't have big head prawns, so this is the medium size ones. For the big head prawns, the head itself is about 7cm-8cm long =_=

Stir fry vegetables (this one taste normal)

Another must try, deep fried red snapper (三味金凤鱼). The gravy is so sweet and nice, and the fish is deep fried until it's very crunchy, so crunchy until you can eat the bones too.

Last but not least, stir fry tofu (this one taste normal)

Now, you may want to know how much for the bill. We estimated about RM200++? Cause the goby fish itself also about RM100++ already. That's what we estimated, the exact price is unknown because, someone else paid for us. FIL's friend was there when we reached, and he was so generous to belanja all of us. Thank you uncle, the next time you're going there do let me know ya! wakakakak =D

Here's more infor about this restaurant:

Ng Hang Kee Fresh Water Food

No.3, Bagan Samak N/V,

Bandar Baharu S-Kedah,

34950 Kedah.

Tel: 017-4357767 (Off on Mondays)

(If you're travelling from South, exit at Bandar Baharu/Serdang, turn left at the traffic light after the toll, and turn left on the 1st road, go straight and you shall see this restaurant.

If you're travelling from North, exit at Bandar Baharu/Serdang as well. Then, go Google on how to get there, LOL)


  1. i think i've been there during uni days as i'm studying in Nibong Tebal. Big Head Prawn? sounds familiar tsk.tsk.tsk :P so nice can eat all these delicious food for FOC! such a generous uncle :)

  2. Wah, marble goby, love this fish, very nice 1 kg around RM150 lorr...

    Gotta check out this place......

  3. So lucky you Hayley, gotpeople belanja. if you know should order more wakaka.
    I love salted chicken.

  4. how come the salted chicken like so thin and long? angle problem? lolx..

  5. Nice use of word: "Trust me the food will make you forget about frust" & so nice got people belanja! (aim for such gathering in future)LOL

  6. You inspire me to have a jom jalan2 cari makan team la, hahaha.

  7. wow..Hayley, makes me wanna drive up to kedah one of these days!! i remember one time i went to this kulim industrial area for fresh water fish, very nice too.. but the road leading in, not nice.. cos bumpy!
    too bad you dont know the price.. but good that it was a treat!! lol..

  8. Delicious food again?? *faint*

    I'm soooo hungry now...

  9. The food looks goooood~

    Las time I went tambun for seafood and it's also infested by flies. YM hates the flies but I was too busy eating hahaha.

  10. 我也是听人家告诉我那边淡水鱼很出名也很多苍蝇!每次回去都没时间下去试试!:(

  11. the fish looks very fresh, i guess must be very nice lor even just looking at the photo.. the salted chicken also nice, hehehe..

  12. food again??? i think i put on weight just looking at your food posts...hahahahahahhaa

  13. Glorious food... but Kedah, too far away frm my place liao!

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  15. Ying Ying, yes, such a generous uncle!

    Pete, yep, this type of fish not cheap..

    Johnnie, haha yes, should order more =P

    Evelyn, yes, angle problem... haha.

    Robinson, we were indeed very lucky!

    Daniel, haha yes, that sounds great!

    Claire, road bumpy nvm, as long as the food taste good!

    Yvonne, Barb, hehe =P It's all about makan makan these days..

    YT, I hate flies too, very irritating.

    Sherley, 抽点时间去试试看咯,不会很远罢了。。

    SK, the fish is super nice! Freshly caught from the 'pond'.

    Alice, yes, abit far for you...

    Camelia, thanks for the comment. Will do that soon.


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