Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday

After a long working week it's Flyday finally! :D

Received this free travel kit yesterday, by liking and registering at NanoWhite page in FB.

Small gift, but enough to make my day a lil happier =)

Consist of day cream, night repair cream and whitening serum. Looking forward to try and see the results

They also included a bookmark and a postcard, what a good day to promote ya!

Going for Father's Day dinner later, made it in advance to avoid the crowd on Sunday. Wishing all fathers out there, a very Happy Father's Day!
Hope you're having a great day and enjoy your weekend!^^


  1. wao so good!!!!

    *enjoy ur father's day celebration =)

  2. so this week is Father's Day! OK, no going out to eat during the weekend.. hahaha...

  3. hey, not bad huh.. just a couple of clicks and you got some free samples delivered to your doorstep, cool.. have a great weekend ahead.. :)

  4. Wah...nice freebies. Enjoy your Father's Day celebration! :)

  5. Envy! I am still waiting for mine. Really can't wait to have it.

  6. Let me know if you've tried this.

    Looks like quite a good product :)

  7. wahhh.. do share the results with us ya :) happy weekend to you.. i'm bringing parents out for dinner on sunday. hope the crowd wont be too bad :S

  8. May you enjoy the father's day celebration & i noted that you too look forward to friday everytime LOL

    One day Hayley might be full time housewife?

  9. I have yet to receive mine... *waiting anxiously*

    Happy father's day to all dads!!

  10. we gonna celebrate father's day at my home tonite..hope you had a great father's day dinner..:D

  11. Nano white?! I reckon it's a prestigious brand! Can't wait to see the result frm you!^^

    Enjoy your dinner and hv a great weekend!

  12. 珊姑娘, Mummy Gwen, thanks gal.

    Claire, haha so I bet you cooked again?!

    SK, yes, and everybody loves free gifts! ^^

    Yan and Yvonne, yes how come so slow one!

    YT, sure. Give me about 2 weeks time. hehe.

    Ying Ying, hope you had a great dinner!

    Robinson, I bet everybody does! Friday is always my favorite day!
    Full time housewife? Hmm, who knows? :P

    Agnes, hope you enjoyed your father's day dinner.

    Alice Law, the product is quite good!

  13. Nice! These small little gifts/samples always cheer me up too. So easy to "earn" them huh... just click Like only :)

  14. ChloeRuoyi, yaya, its so easy! And they are very generous in promoting!

  15. wa... travel kits from nano.. i was a fans of nano white !

    im a new friend from sabah ,my name is sasa tien , a 22 y.o. chinese girl ~


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