Friday, June 3, 2011

I've learnt and am still learning

There are just some bad people out there, who purposely do/say something again and again, just to make you feel miserable and suffer.

But, I've learnt to be optimistic and being ignorant whenever it's needed =P So who is the one who suffers in the end? ^^

Enough ranting, weekend-comes-holiday is here and I am on half day leave later (so my weekend starts a little earlier ^^) I'll be away for a short vacation, so I shall see you next Monday!
Hope you're having a great Friday and enjoy your weekend ya! ^^


  1. Left ear in,right ear out,,, mo shi mo shi..

    you have a great weekend too.

    just to share this with you, when i was courting my lovely wife back then, a lot of her colleagues told her to be careful of me, cos they say playboy, some even said that i was already married.... thank god my lovely wife didn't believe the rumor, and we are happily married till eternity

  2. Hayley,
    the best thing to do is to ignore them. why want to allow them to spoil your day? keep cool my friend and hope you have a wonderful weekend. as for me. it's work as usual, even sunday. all my plans upset now.haiz

  3. You cannot be bothered by each single bad things people said...else you will be depressed...just ignore them. People talk abt each other all the time.... that cannot be help and it will be forgotten in time.

  4. happy holiday !! ... ignore the unwanted wan :P

  5. after the weekend, u will remember less and by Monday, it doesnt hurt anymore.. enjoy your hols!

  6. Enjoy your short vacation and have a blast weekend, ya!

  7. Hayley,

    I had those experiences myself -thus i chose to blog abt it expressing anger

    But it's good that you don't want to rant about it

    Trust me if you're just a victim of many scheming / plot against youself, you NEED NOT FEAR those people & believe me there's retribution & natural justice to deal with those people at it's own timing

    Meanwhile, hv a blast of weekend with your hubby & enjoy!!! :)

  8. well, if the comments or critics from those irrelevant people are not assertive, then just ignore them and stay happy.. :)

  9. See no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil... lol! Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

  10. Yeah~ I've learnt and am still learning too...

    kampateh and must live happily everyday yaaa.. ^^

  11. Hi Hayley, there will always be such people around, young boys who know no better, even men, some women too. They think they're being funny, but certainly shows their poor education and upbringing.

    I have had to delete, block a couple of believe it or not women who said some very uncomfortable things about my blog very recently.
    And yet this same person keeps returning to my blog every few days.
    Shows you what a Holier than thou mentality, attitude she has. A real big hypocrite too.

    Few years back had to get a police friend to tackle one fellow too.
    Just delete and block them.
    You stay easy, have a nice day, Lee.

  12. Hey Hayley

    Hope u r fine

    ermm just got to say this to clear my consience - I mean i'm relatively new to your blog & vice-versa. When i make comment here or reply to mine at my blog, i'm always been just myself - joking in my own way but absolutely no mean of harm or anything. So hopefully this posting is not meant of me kua & not being sensitive here.

    I feel the need to clarify to dispel misunderstanding as i had said found you to be a sporting type of gal. Blogging is always just a hobby plus sometimes i let out my anger there over some issue.

    So anyway, i saw my blog still on your list LOL & may my paranoia's unfounded but if it's really somebody else trying to make fun of you thus discouraging yourself from blogging further - do not give in to such person!!! Continue blogging

    Lastly my permission to you to removed me from this blog here if i'm really the culprit- Life is too short for animosity; more ever on internet with someone whom i'm not even close to as a fren - just comrade in blogging

    Ok that's all & take care

    Ok may your hubby take note of these too

  13. Oh oh also apology for my jokes sometimes that might not be appropriate but as said i just be myself :D

  14. Eugene, your case, I heard something similar too, happened on my friend.. sigh, sometimes, we just need to do like what you said, 'left ear in, right ear out'.

    Johnnie, SK, I agree. It's not worth to let these people spoilt our mood.

    ChrisAu, yes, we cant control. So just ignore lo..

    Anggie, Claire, Yvonne, Alice, Pete, thank you!

    Robinson, I try not to bore my readers so much.. haha..
    Don't worry. We are just blogging =) Don't have to take things seriously ya~

    Evelyn, same to you!

    Lee, they think they succeeded, but they are not. haha.
    You have a nice day too!


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