Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Khlong Hae Floating Market

*Edit: Opps, I forgot to mention that we went to full body oil massage on the 1st day, it's 500TB (RM50) for about 2 hours. So relaxing!*

Went to this floating market at Hatyai, we almost cancelled our plan cause it was drizzling in the evening. Thank God the rain stopped =)

This was my second time there, things are not much changed though

Yours truly, before started my makan makan time ^^

A group photo of us first!

Bought this pulut mangga, yummy!

All sorts of fried insects =_= No, we dare not try any......

Spotted these cute puppies for sale!

Also this pity lil cute kitten, I so wanna bring it home! =(

The crowd was crazy that time, so I din't snapped much photos. But there're ALOT of local Thai food and snacks there, the hawkers parked their boats there and started their business. Price is very reasonable!

Friends and hubby enjoying the food and drink, under the hot sun

Khlong Hae market is slightly far from the town area, tuk tuk fee is about RM3-RM4 per person. Anyway, it's a worth a visit!


  1. We missed the floating market, pickles!!!

    Wow, massive and generous mangoes thy gave your your purut, yummy!!!

  2. It's so nice over there ! I never been there before. And, u look gorgeous !!

  3. Interesting to buy these food from the floating stalls....

  4. Argh! why ur Hatyai looks so interesting compared to the previous one day short trip I went?

    I guess we didn't know how to go to the right places. I want to go again!

  5. Arggh should break away from comfort zone & try the insects!! - Too late

  6. yeerr... so nice ur trip! envy...

  7. I have always wanted to visit the floating market, but never got the chance.
    where is this place?

  8. The mangoes pulut looks so yummy. I love it. Been to Hadyai 3 times, but never been to this place. It looks like a great place to visit.

  9. Alice Law, the pulut is yummy, not expensive also~

    ChrisAu, haha thanks! ^^

    Pete, Angeline, yes its fun!

    YT, haha, yes, may be its the places la.. next time you know already lo!

    Robinson, I wonder how it taste =_=

    Evelyn, no need to envy la, wait some times later you can go too!

    Johnnie, I dont know exactly where is this place, just tell the tuk tuk driver floating market and they'll bring you there.

    Yan, it has changed alot. You should go there again!

  10. oh, i didn't know there's a floating market in haadyai, i thot they only have the old market, hahaha!!! wow, you should try to eat all those insects for a lifetime experience mah~~ :p

  11. something different form Malaysia, the mango look yummy..

  12. SK, go there next time!
    Erm, I wanna be kind to my tummy, so don't plan to try, LOL :P

    Agnes, yes, their mangoes are fresher and taste better too =)


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