Thursday, June 23, 2011

Masking the eyes

Just want to share a nice product I've been using recently, Bioglo Lift & Firm Eye Mask, from Cosway.

I cannot recall the actual price, but I remember it's less than RM 25 after discount

Each box contains 4 pairs of eye masks

Easy and clear instructions

The mask is quite big which reach until the cheek, LOL.

After a month of using, I do see the results. The mask is pretty moistened and has a light scent of fragrance. My under eye area is more firm after used. Of course it takes times to see the big difference. Dark circles and eye bags are really hard to tackle, guess I still need more patience =)

Have you use this before? Or any other brand to recommend?


  1. hmmmm, never use that before.. once a while will use eye cream but never used eye mask before..

  2. i also bought some products from cosway yesterday but most of them are household products.. gloves, floor cleanser... mop.. hahaa...

  3. I have terrible terrible eyebag and dark circle issue but I blame it on my bad sleeping behaviors.

    Guess I need to rest more :(

  4. Hi Hayley, interesting..Holy Smoke! Girls have lots of things to do just to look good....not cheap too.
    Maybe one day might get ones called, 'Zorro'. Ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  5. 谢谢分享。我会尝试这个。

    我曾经在SASA买过一个蛮好效果的eyes mask,红色包装很大蛮大包装的,里头的eyes mask是整个上半脸型的,但是我忘了名字,不好意思,搞不好以后你走走sasa时可以留意。


  6. no wonder you have such beautiful eyes Hayley.

  7. Yes, u have lovely eyes! Keep up the maintenance !

  8. I just bought a leather cleaner from cosway. Maybe I should try their eye masks too.

  9. Thanks for sharing,,, but must one be a Cosway member to buy its products? I really don't know lol

  10. Hey I tried this before and I love it too! But because I don't have a Cosway membership, I don't always buy stuff from there lar...
    If you want me to recommend, I'll say Faceshop, the some berry thingy one...

  11. Hayley, propably we should make another trip to Cosway again. I want to top up my body scrubs.

  12. No input from guy on girlie thing but occasionally using this Loreal "roll-on" thing...same ah?? LOL

  13. I hardly use eye mask, because it requires me to lay still on couch or bed.... haha, I'm always mobile at home. I think I should practise some eye care by now, eye bag and dark circle get worse already..

  14. No, I hv used other Bioglo product but not the mask! Guess I really need to get some of these to treat my panda eyes, another good share Hayley! Thx!^^

  15. Sadly I have never used any cosmetic masks nor eye masks before, so can't comment....but I have used Ultraman mask during childhood before....hehehehe!

  16. if ppl like me who has eyes worse than a panda.. susah jugak eh? :(

  17. SK, oh, eye cream can be used daily but not eye mask...

    Claire, haha, Cosway does have other products which I think quite good too!

    YT, yea, you should really take good care of it now before it gets worsen...

    Lee, true. Gals have lots of things to buy and do, from head to toes. haha.

    珊姑娘, 好的,谢谢你的分享!我以后会注意看看。

    Johnnie, ChrisAu, haha thank you!

    Mummy Gwen, yes you may try, their other products are not bad too.

    Eugene, not really. It's just that Cosway members can enjoy discount!

    Shirlexia, yea high 5!
    Faceshop? ok, will check it out next time! Thanks!

    Yan, yep, next week perhaps?

    Robinson, oh that one, well I believe it serve similar purpose...

    Yvonne, I dint really lay still when I do the mask, haha. I think its ok....

    Alice Law, this is not bad, you can give it a try!

    Alice Phua, ultraman mask? LOL :D

    Merryn, well, if you have the determination, I'm sure it wont be a problem!

  18. hehe.. i've lived with the fact that panda is cute! lol... :P

  19. Hayley, i nvr use any eye mask before. Glad to know that it works for you. I'm also having panda eyes problem due to late sleep. @.@

  20. HeLLo HayLey,

    I have never used this and i cannot recommend any either. Hahah!

    Although I do take care of my face, I don't do it to the extend that I have to use masks. But then, I truly believe that a woman should use it. I hope to read more results on this mask. Probably a picture of before and after?

  21. Merryn, LOL...

    Ying Ying, then you have to try not to sleep so late lo.. Panda eyes are hard to cure, so take good care of the eyes before it's too late!

    Willie, good to know that you take care of your face. I believe both male and female should practise it.
    Before and after, well, will try to do that =)

  22. Any normal soap will mask...ha ha ha!

  23. Pete, haha not bad! Some soap can be good!


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