Sunday, June 12, 2011

More food from Hatyai

Went to this chicken rice shop introduced by in laws, its called Tai Tong (大同鸡饭店), not sure the exact address but it's just along the way when you're entering Hatyai town.

It was about 10am when we reached, the crowd were still tolerable

Fishball clear soup, chicken and siew bak. The soup and chicken are nice, and the siew bak, heavenly good! I personally think that the siew bak is special~ They have home made sugar cane juice too.

Total bill was about 640TB (RM64) which is quite expensive, but nevermind, tourism is like that...

Upon reaching Hatyai town and checked in, it was time for my favourite, Swensen!! To me, Swensen and McDonald are a must-try there at Hatyai (provided if you're a fan of ice cream and fast food la)

chocolate sundae

left: Red, white and blueberries

right: Frosted Choc Malt Fantasy

hubby and I

the other 3 couples

Why I said Swensen is a must-try? It's because of the super cheap price! The one I had at Auto City is nearly RM20, but it's only half the price at Hatyai!

As for McDonald, I love their varieties which we cannot find here. They have samurai pork burger, shrimp burger, special frizz drinks, even their chili sauce is special too!

Don't mind to pay a visit there again ^^ (but definetely not on public holidays.... )


  1. Tourist area, food also!

  2. Not been to Hatyai long long time already lol,, don't know why, i guess the boys(my children) will not be enjoying it there,, no beach, no fun lol

    the foods in Hatyai are always heavenly one

  3. Hi Hayley, love the pics here. You look great, hubby too.
    I have never been to that Swensen before, ha ha.
    I prefer buy ice cream bring home to eat when watching TV.
    The Thai food looks really good too.
    Love that char siew! My weakness that!
    Have fun, Hayley.

  4. oh, the siew yoke looks super yummy in the photo.. hehehe, i think McD in Thailand have more varieties than ours right?? at least sundae and pie they have more choices, and more importantly, they have pork~~ :D

  5. I want Swenson too!!! Yea, they are so much cheaper compared to Malaysia!

  6. Might be going to Bangkok soon! So thanks for sharing I think I will try the McD there! :)

  7. Thanks for letting me know Swensen and MacD are must-try in Hadyai. I will keep this in mind.

  8. oh i didn't know that swensen is so much cheaper in haadyai. is it the same in bangkok too? now i have some cravings for ice cream after seeing your photos :)

  9. Siew bak, siew bak .... My tummy sounds kriii kruuuu now....

  10. Pete, yes, may be they recognise us not local =_=

    Eugene, may be your wife will like it, cause alot of ladies stuff to shop for ^^

    Lee, thank you. That ice cream is a must-try there, super cheap compare to Msia.

    SK, yes, as I mentioned, McD Hatyai has alot more special varieties!

    YT, high 5!

    Shirlexia, ok, you will like it!

    Yan, haha no problem la~

    Barb, I guess should be the same...

    Yvonne, haha, the siew bak is really good!

  11. Swensen = ice cream specialty

    Ermm got bring calorie counter or not?

    Ok bad joke again :-D

  12. I used to like Swensen's too but lately, I find that the standard has dropped yet the price is getting more and more expensive. I've never tried it in Thailand tho. Maybe they still maintain the quality ;)

  13. How I missed traveling with a bunch of good friends, lucky you!^^

  14. Robinson, LOL, bad joke indeed. haha but anyway, I know the calories but still couldn't resist temptations :P

    ChloeRuoyi, yes, the one at Thailand still maintain I believe, most importantly, its much more cheaper, so worth a try!

    Alice Law, haha thanks! =)


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