Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pinggan and Mangkok

On our way back from Hatyai last weekend, we dropped by this Thai food restaurant at Sungai Petani for dinner. It's called Restaurant Mangkok, famous for its Thai food.

First, pardon for the poor quality photos, as it was quite dark there so I have to use flash.

Us. Everybody were quite tired already, it was a restless trip.....

Now, the food....

we ordered this squids, it tasted quite plain, but still acceptable

This is the spicy 'sam tai tin wong' 三大天王. Nice~

This is a must-try. Dark soy sauce chicken with ginger. Super nice I tell you. I finish all the gravy haha. The dark soy sauce is from Thailand

This is another must-try, siam style steamed fish. Tasted like tomyam but more sour. Notice the cili padi? They made me sweat like mad. The soup is refillable

Curry assam bali tong (sea snails), sea snails are not my favourite though as I find it hard to suck out the snails inside, haha =D But the curry assam is G-O-O-D

lastly, their signature steamed prawns, a little bit of spicy and sour, the taste is unique!

Total bill including drinks are about RM 170 which is quite reasonable! This was my second time there and the food still taste as nice as before!

Restaurant Mangkok
1-8, Jalan Mawar 3,
Sungai Petani,
Kedah 08000.

More review here.

And now, I miss the steamed fish already :(


  1. Haha reading you review always inspire me to go jalan2 cari makan. Haiz but I think that will have to wait, greater mission is at hand. Haha

    Enjoy your weekend Hayley!

  2. Drooling over all the dishes, hot, spicy and sour are the tastes that my tongue looking for.

  3. That sam tai tin wong made me drool....

  4. wow..not bad Hayley except for the snails.. last time i used to eat a lot when younger.. nowadays, dare not eat already.. very kiasi liow.. hahaha...

  5. wah! preview of Thai food before my trip to Bangkok next Wed :) looking forward to the shopping + eating spree!! LOL.. sorry coz I have been missing for quite some time. Busy with works and not much time to update my blogs as I used to... but you had probably knew that!

  6. Hayley's blog more to Jalan jalan cari makan now :D

  7. The thai steam fish made me hungry now. :)

  8. Thai food is one of my fave food. The dishes made me drool already..hehe. I can't seem to master the skill of sucking the balitong..LOL.

  9. haha, what a funny name of the restaurant!! MANGKOK.. :D hey, the food looks nice woh, all fresh seafood with very flavorful cooking.. not bad not bad..

  10. Restaurant Bowl.....he he he, what a funny name!

  11. Daniel, so how was your cool project?

    Yan, ya, I remember you like anything spicy!

    Yvonne, it was good...

    Claire, I dont really like that snails, I rather eat 'lala'...

    thule, you've been MIA for quite some times, miss your blog, haha =D

    Robinson, haha ya, I guess that's a good thing?!

    Shenny's mommy, yep, the fish is really really good~

    Mummy Gwen, high 5! Me either...

    SK and Pete, I think it represent Bangkok, something like that :D

  12. Love all the gourmet, and the price is reasonable as well!

    I hv yet hv any change to dine at Sg Petani, should drop by one day... keep my fingers crossed!

  13. Alice Law, yea.. But it's going to be a long journey from your place...


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