Thursday, June 9, 2011


As mentioned, I was at Hatyai over the weekend. It was a memorable trip as we went to this place where not many tourists would go......

can't read?

now you get a better idea?

Ok, here's our 1st destination





We stopped our cars by the road side for only about 5 mins, while hubby and another driver friend went settled something at an agent shop. The traffic police came and straight issued us 2 summons. Hubby and friend tried to talked to the police but to no avail, he is very strict.

Well, it was our fault anyway, illegal parking at other country. Luckily, the summon is only 200TB (RM20) per car. After settled the summons, we continue our journey at Hatyai.

What a nice beginning!! :P


  1. Wow, what an experience.

    WAiting for u to share the experience in Hatyai, my hometown is nearby, I will want to go one day :P

  2. Wah, police there so strict leh!

  3. Good Police, at least they did what is right and never took bribes.

  4. RM20 is so cheap leh..if here, super pricey....did not put coupon also rm20 ready, after 2 weeks rm30. Im going to hatyai again during raya to fly to chiang hatyai...everything is cheap leh...

  5. RM20 is so cheap! Here is so expensive! No wonder Malaysian opt to bribe rather than to pay the summons, haha.

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  6. Hi Hayley, ha ha, I guess thai cops don't take prisoners. Luckily only Rm 20.

    Just like here too.
    We not only have to reckon with traffic cops, but roving Parking Enforcement officers who patrol the malls etc....and if parked illegally, the car will be towed away within minutes.
    It cost $375 to get the car back from the pound, plus other joke!

    But, no parking problems for everyone....
    The last time I was in Hatyai was in 1973.
    Have a nice day.

  7. I always enjoyed going to this place and have no problem walking around and not fear of being lost.cos the place is quite easy to walk around. worst senario call the tuk tuk. lol.Have not been there for ages now.
    maybe will try to go by year end. wanna tag along?

  8. hahaha, when you said you were stucked at the border in your previous post, i guess you must have been to haadyai.. the last time i was there was 10 years ago, wow!! i miss the massage and food there, haha..

  9. being strict is good huh? no negotiation needed :) hope it didn't take you all too long to settle the summon.

  10. Hahaha... luckily only RM20, not RM200! Better follow the rules next time :p

  11. Thx for the intro how it looks like to get saman at different country LOL

    Yeah luckily it's only RM2o per ekor:p

  12. Wow! You went to Hatyai? Must be an enjoyable vacation. I think in Kuching, the fine should be around RM70.

  13. YT, yes, please be patient and stay tune :P

    Pete, agree. They are strict and very dedicated.

    ChrisAu, Daniel, you're right. The summon is only RM20 afterall.

    Linda, wow good for you. Holidays again ^^

    Lee, $375? Wow, guess everyone there must be very careful in parking and driving =)

    Johnnie, yes, we don't need maps/GPS also, tuk tuk are everywhere, very convenient!

    SK, it has changed alot. You should pay it a visit la!

    Barb, erm, not long, only about 20 mins =)

    Yvonne, yes lo, must remember this!

    Robinson, haha yes, luckily it's only RM20.

    Willie, yes was there for 2D1N.

  14. Thank Goodness that didn't spoilt your entire day and mood at Hadyai.

  15. Hard to believe that the police there are so strict. I remember the traffic condition there being quite disorderly last time. Maybe things have changed... :)

  16. Forget to give credit to Hayley for this posting - not really a funny person but try to be funny - May she improve LOL

  17. Yan, yea, we still had fun in the end!

    ChloeRuoyi, well, traffic still quite bad there especially during holidays, but still controllable.

    Robinson, haha thanks!

  18. LOL, something we ought to avid at other people's country!

  19. Alice Law, we aware of that, just that never expect those traffic polices act so fast!

  20. Thai Police hv a bad impression due to bribes. But its goood that this polica man is not doing those things.


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