Sunday, June 19, 2011

A simple celebration for papa

Had a simple dinner with mum and dad in advance of Father's Day.

With my dearest parents

Will celebrate again next week, when brother comes back =)

Went to this Hai Nan restaurant (海南村) situated at Lorong Tupai, Taiping.

Ordered their signature prawn, called 蒙古虾(fried Mongolia prawns), super tasty! RM23

Black pepper pig intestines soup (猪肚汤), slightly spicy though. RM18

Stir fry kailan with beancurd (清炒芥兰花). RM9

Another signature dish, claypot seabass. Heavenly good!! I like the gravy! RM68

Total bill is RM 125, including rice and chinese tea. The food here is abit expensive, but they have the quality in terms of taste, really. When it first opened, I had a bad experience with them as we already reserved a table and dishes in advance, but still spent 2 good long hours of waiting. Nonetheless, they improved now and I will go there more often, haha :P

Hai Nam Village Seafood Restaurant
7 & 9, Lorong Tupai,
34000 Taiping,
Tel: 0195510751


  1. Hope you enjoyed your father's day celebration! - btw you are more to your mum's look (me think)

  2. Wow! So happy ur parents got 2 celebrations!

  3. my favourite soup. pig belly soup

  4. Yum Yum, I love intestine soup!

  5. HeLLO Hayley,

    Happy Father's Day. I wasn't able to meet my dad yet due to work commitment. Hopefully by next week. So, your brother didn't make it too? Surely you will blog about your next dinner with your brother right? I hope things will go just fine.

    Any gift for your dad? I bought a gift for my dad, but will give it to him by next week. Hehehe

    Once again Hayley, Happy Father's Day and the meal looked delicious!

  6. Mmm...yum yum. I'm drooling just looking at the food. That's a lovely celebration. hey, you look a lot like your mom :)

  7. haha, so there will be celebrations after celebrations for father's day?? later your mummy envy for you being bias to dad, haha.. :D

  8. Never mind once a year...I heard before is expensive...but not yet try before...will go there one day.

  9. Well done in bringing your parents out for makan, especially your dad. And, nice outfit you have there !

  10. tats very sweet when having nice meal with dad & mom, & its so warm =)

  11. Nice celebration with your parents :) The food looks good! I think they are quite reasonably priced... only the seabass is a bit expensive.

  12. Got to agree that the bill is quite pricey. But since the food is great, it's okay to splurge once a while :)

    The fried prawns looks unique though...

  13. Robinson, ya most people say that =)

    YT, haha yes. A token of appreciation for them.

    Johnnie and Pete, yeah high 5!

    Willie, thank you.
    Yes my brothers were at KL and will be back this weekend I believe. Gift? Nop, my dad told us not to buy anything...

    Barb, haha thanks ya!

    梦旅飞, 是啊!

    SK, LOL. Wont la... :P

    Angeline, yes the dishes are nice! Try it!

    珊姑娘, yaya, it was a simple yet nice celebration~

    ChloeRuoyi, but the seabass is superb delicious!

    Yvonne, the prawns is their signature dish. Try it!

  14. Tht's simple yet cosy celebration, great dish and awesome company! How I wish to celebrate with my late dad...:)

  15. Hayley, it is very sweet of you taking picture with your parents so often. They must be really proud of you being their daughter. I wasn't touched by the dinner, I was touched by your action of taking pictures with them.

  16. Alice Law, thank you.

    Yan, I realise I seldom take pictures with them, must do it more often now. Thanks anyway!

  17. Chinese food is still more satisfying for most parents. Any meal like these will easily cost over RM100.00.

  18. Agnes, agree, chinese people still prefer dishes like this =)


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