Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BBQ at Sentosa Villa

Though the weather is so hot lately, we organized a BBQ session at Sentosa Villa over the weekend =)
The best thing I like about it is, everything is ready and we just have to grill and leave :P

This is the hut for bbq, the cafe management will prepare EVERYTHING beforehand. There're table, bbq pit, benches, washing basin and bathroom around, very convenient!

The bbq food comes in packages depending on headcounts. I took the 10 pax package and it's RM250, including the food in the photo and drinks (refillable)

Opps, fire burning~

Zhi Yi joined the fun that night!


More couples~

Us very hardworking :P

Of course, you can bring your own food there! The guys bought some beers and ice, and I brought additional sauseges and burgers, just in case.. cause there were 14 of us(but in the end, we still couldn't finish all of them)

The guys

The girls

And a group photo!

Overall, this is a very nice place for some family/friends gathering. And we don't have to clean up the mess after that ^^ To my surprise, there's no mosquito bites that night! BBQ session is available until 11pm only.

Visit their website for more information!


  1. That's great fun thought you went to S'pore haha. Of course the mozzies wouldnt want be satay-ed as well haha. tQ for the link to not bad a place to relax the mind.

  2. 10pax for RM250 is quite reasonable. Somemore everything is get ready by the management, it indeed a good place for get together.

  3. wow..not bad.. nice place for barbecue-ing..

  4. Hayley: We plan for this...just dunno when to go...thanks for finish can "belah" d...very good!

  5. Hi, visiting you again after a long long hiatus. hehe

    Love BBQ... the last one I had was during CNY. But we did that at home. So have to clean up from head to tail. so tired!

  6. This place is nice. I never knew sentosa villa offers this facility. Moreover, no need to clean up afterwards. Best-nye!

  7. i dislike bbq, cuz need to clean up the after mess. good thing they provide everything we need for a bbq. no need to clean up .. how nice!

  8. That's a very good service provided by the hotel. I can't believe there's no mozzies..hehe...maybe the smoke scare them away.

  9. Wow, you guys are having so much fun! Remember to drink more 'liang teh'. lol! haha....
    Have a grea day.

  10. OMG, love the concept!!! I wanted to do bbq too!

    I think this is perfect idea for young people who love bbq and hate cleaning up hehehe. Like me!

  11. This is a nice place for gathering. Your BBQ party looks fun. Not having to clean up the mess is a big plus point :)

  12. oooh, saya banyak suka BBQ!!! but have not been doing that for a long time already, maybe old already friends all not interested to organize any BBQ party anymore~~ :p

  13. Sounds like a fun place....I love bbq...

  14. Hi Hayley, I love bbqs, and yours looks real good. Nothing like having good friends get together and good food.
    Love the pics....
    Keep well, Lee.

  15. Looks good and convenient! Another activity to think about when I'm home and bored! :p

  16. Bananaz, yes it's a nice place, remember it next time you come Taiping.

    Yan, yes, even if we buy own food, the price is almost like that too...

    Claire, interested? You can try it since you come to Taiping quite often!

    Angeline, ok remember to invite me if you're organizing! hehehe :P

    mNhL, hi there!! It's been a while!

    Yvonne, that's the best-est part of all!

    Ying Ying, well you'll love this place!

    Mummy Gwen, may be you're right!!

    Kristy, yes will do! =)

    YT, I think everybody loves this concept!

    ChloeRuoyi, agree agree!!

    SK, well you can organize wert! Who knows if they're interested?

    Pete, I like it too!

    Lee, thanks! It's really fun, great food and great companion!

    Shirlexia, ya right! ;)

  17. Apart from food , i think you can be good ambassador as well to promote perak's nice place to visit :)


  18. Wah, hassle free BBQ!!! Thanks for sharing! Ahhh... tht lovely little girl, love her big eyes!^^

    Such a great gathering, envy!!

  19. Ahhh... Taiping, rather far frm my place, lol! Just thought it was a great place to host a reunion!:)


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