Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finally, the time has come

Before I wrap up the Sungkai trip, I decided to blog about this farewell dinner first.
Yes, I'm leaving this company in exactly one week time. 4 years of being here, I do have lots to share (ok, save it for my next post :P)
Back to the topic, colleagues from Costing/Finance and Purchasing department treated me a farewell dinner last week (it's more like a gathering actually). Dinner took place at The Gate cafe, a halal cafe which serves local and western food.

Yours truly with Loi (standing), and ex colleague, Chow

Here's Sharon, ex trainee. I do feel we have very similar hairstyle :P

With Wan (middle) and Foo (right)


With Wan again, a hot mummy of 3

A group photo with all of them, must thank them for the wonderful dinner and time!

The night was still young, we dropped by the famous lake garden to have more photo shooting, LOL ^^
At one of the children playground

Us at the slides

Laughter is always there with this crazy gang

All the big children, hahaha

It was a hot night, but it din't stop us from taking more photos

Alright, one last photo!

Besides them, my dearest lunch mates also given me a nice farewell lunch at Hu Jing Ge restaurant, Flemington Hotel.

You can read about the lunch HERE

Thank you ladies for the wonderful farewell meal! I'm missing you already, how now?! :(


  1. parting is sad , but one have to move on sometimes. so where will you be going to? same line? anyway all the best to you hayley.

  2. mei, why u left the job??? new job??? or full time housewife now???hehehe..all the best

  3. wow your department is all ladies?? that's interesting.. all the best in your new job, ooh sure got more pay.. hehe :p

  4. Wow! You're leaving! Reading your blog and actually makes me know how attached you are with your colleagues! Must be a heavy goodbye right???
    Are you becoming a housewife or mama??? Hehehehe...

  5. Don't worry, we can come out and hang out anytime...remember when i delivered, u come visit me k...

  6. Yeah, saying goodbye isn't easy, esp with good friends whom you have shared years of joy and laughter with. All the best in your new plans, whatever it may be :)

  7. We can always hang out together, Hayley. If you start missing me, drop me a message on FB or my blog, kekeke!

    Wishing you all the best in your undertaking and do keep in tough, ya!

  8. The photos shows that age is no barrier in the lake garden!! Great pics to behold.. so u r going to start a new job .. in Taiping too? I went there last weekend, ended up in food court as usual.. :)

  9. Wow nice farewell gathering - 4 years not long & not short (i'm just slightly over my 3rd year) - sure miss good colleagues but one noticeable trend : Yikes all gal only??!! Haha jz kidding

    May your new place be better one - "old no go new no come"

  10. Keep in touch and best of luck.

  11. I got the hint you were leaving your company when I read Angeline's blog..hehe. Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

  12. all the best in ur future undertakings :)

  13. it's sad to bid farewell to your colleagues, esp those that we spend every weekday eating lunch and chit chatting with for years. all the best in your future undertakings. where r u going anyway? coming to Penang? lol

  14. One more for the road have feet will travel..wish you all the very best in your new environment.

  15. I missing my ex colleagues also d!
    oh ~ feel so heavy izit the feeling?
    but all the best to your new brand future ya =)

  16. Good luck with your new endeavors.

    It's not easy to have work mates who are so close and nice together. Sure u will miss them a lot a lot :)

  17. Johnnie, thank you! I'll still at my lovely hometown. Hmm, probably not in the same line :P

    Linda, due to some personal reasons :P
    Full time housewife? Erm, I dont know, haha, anyway thanks!

    SK, majority of my department colleagues are female, but not all.

    Shirlexia, yes, it'll be a heavy goodbye =( Housewife or mama, you'll know eventually, haha.

    Angeline, yea right. Sure will visit you!

    ChloeRuoyi, Robinson, Yan, Mummy Gwen, Yvon S, Bananaz, thank you!

    Yvonne, sure, must keep me updated with all the 'famous people' in the office :P

    Claire, yes in Taiping!

    Ying Ying, sure will go Penang shopping but not working, LOL.

    min aris, yes, kinda miss them now =(
    Thanks ya!

    The Tiny Me, I also hope to be xiu lai lai :P

    YT, yes it's not easy, it's fate. Thanks gal~

  18. oh such a surprise to know you are leaving the company. guess no more lunching with your buddies eh? goodbyes are hard but you can always keep in touch via FB or blog :) Take care :)

  19. Barb, yes right, furthermore, we are all at the same place, so I think I dont have to worry much :P

  20. Just wish u best of luck on your next undertaking!!!


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