Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good day!

Hi all, today's the second day in unemployment period :P

First of all, thank you for the warm wishes! Life goes on and everybody moves on. Anyway, things are fine so far, just treat it like I'm on long leave *wink*

Weather is getting slightly better today, despite the hazey condition for the past few days. Not sure why but rain just won't visit us... T.T

Oh in case you miss me........


Til then, take care and have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Well have a good "sabbatical leave" till you're ready for the next battle & nice weekend to you

    P.S : Rain sometime at night - the worst of Haze is not upon KL/Selangor yet!

  2. *Envious*

    Another drastic makeup for some event?

  3. I wonder when my unemployment period will come.. hahaha..

  4. feels like this is a good period to " be free" to sit back, to rejuvenate and to take stocks of things,people and everything else,,

    so when you are ready to lauch,,,,,,you shall be a better prepared person for new challenges in life.........

    ok,now since you are happy "relaxing" do come to Penang, bring your hubby , i belanja,,,,,,,"black dog" seriously, if you are coming, email me, ya,take care now

  5. Take a good rest and good luck in your coming endeavor... :)

  6. Hayley,
    enjoy your leave and hope you will get use to your new working place in due time.

  7. Good luck & all d best Hayley ^^

  8. hehe, i think it's good to have a real break after so many years of fighting in the job world right?? good luck for your new job~~ :)

  9. so nice to be not doing anything :D enjoy your "off" days :)

  10. Your unemployed life sounds good ya! Enjoy your days.

  11. Enjoy waking up with no where to go while you still can :P You have the rest of your life to be werking ... :D

  12. Wow immediate transformation when you are not working. Going for some party?

  13. Filip, Robinson, YT, Johnnie, Barb, Yan, dblchin, thank you!

    Yvonne, no need to envy la... I got no income now =_=
    Yep, its for the upcoming competition.

    Claire, haha you wont wish to have that la :P

    Eugene, well agree to some points. Just hope I wont be feeling lazy when I start my new job later on..

    SK, yes I agree. 休息是为了走更远的路 ;)

    Merryn, yes right, long way to go ya?

    Bananaz, not party, its for a make up event, will update about it soon...

  14. The picture... was tht a hint on wht are u gonna do next? Something relate to aesthetic or cosmetic? I personally think u are very at at it!

    All the best my friend! If u were free, u can drop by K.L anything, I'll buy u a lunch!^^

  15. Hayley! Is that you? Holy Smoke! Can't recognize its you.....ha ha.....
    Have fun with your vacation.

  16. Alice, haha, that wasnt really I'm going to do la.. this is just for fun only :P

    Oh really? haha thank you in advance and I'll arrange a trip down KL ^^

    Lee, right that was me!! Thanks and you take care ya!

  17. Email me ya if you are coming!^^

  18. Enjoy your break. We will be here when you come back.

  19. 休息一下是为了走更远的路哈哈哈

  20. Alice Law, haha ok~

    Mummy Gwen, Quay Po Cooks, thanks!

    Pete, LOL, I have not reach that age yet :P

    Kian Fai, 说的一点都没错!


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