Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello beautiful skin

Read these beauty tips from FB and thought of sharing with you guys....

1. 8 glasses of water everyday. Have a glass of water early in the morning is good for you!

2. Have the habits to move your bowel everday.

3. Strictly no staying up late.

4. Clean the face thoroughly to remove all unwanted make up and dirts.

5. Change your pillow case and bedsheet regularly.

6. It's best to sleep before 11pm. No supper before bed.

7. Never put your cell phone beside bed when sleep, it has radiation and is harmful to your skin.

Sounds very easy right? And all of them are applicable for both ladies and gentlemen.

Song Hye Kyo, ambassador for Laneige, a korean skin care brand. I personally feel she has very smooth and fair skin! (Psst, tell you something, friend use to comment that we look abit alike, LOL :P) *muka tebal*

Image from here

Til then, have a beautiful weekend!
p/s: Pardon for the messy blog layout, still in progress in sorting out.....


  1. Halo, how are you doing there? Hmm, seems like having lots of good time relaxing and having flawless skin at home. New page...nice...till we meet again ya. Have a nice weekend.

  2. 45% look alike actually. 100% alike in flawless skin. Don't forget about sharing things that you wish you could do. Take care.

  3. Hehehehe... It's a good therapy to praise ourselves sometimes.

    Thanks for the tips, ya! And enjoy your weekend!!

  4. I like Song Hye Kyo!!! and I'm using Laneige too, they always give many free gifts~ :)

    Btw, nice layout! erm.. how do u make the "Read more" thing, I wanna have the exactly same thing on my blog. Izit setting on blogger DESIGN?

  5. Though it's tips for gals generally, rules 3,5,6 are easily not adhered to by myself...

    We got our own look-a-like & if you think yours is same as her, why not :-D?

    Happy weekend to me & stay happy in your "current role" - enjoy the best of the world with your hubby!!!

  6. Oh yeah new blog skin that looks more feminine!!!

  7. Hi Hayley, I just had a quick glance at your earlier posts & knew u r in the career move. Take this opportunity to relax a while & all the best babe :-)


  8. 3, 6 is already impossible for me...

    SUCKS to be my skin! Hahaha.

  9. Now that you mention it, you do look like the Korean beauty. Do share more on how to achieve flawless skin like yours. :)

  10. Hi Hayley,

    How's your long leave going on? I was quite busy lately , so sorry for missing for quite some time from your blog.

    Thanks for sharing the tips. I did practiced some of them. Just to maintain good health.

    Anyway, have a nice day yeah? Keep in touch.

  11. you changed your blog template? real neat.

  12. thanks for sharing, and those sound reasonable too.. enough sleep and enough water is the vital contribution to healthy skin.. but then only 1.8 glass of water?? that is too little, at least 1.8 liter i guess..

  13. Yeah, frm certain angle you do look alike! Anyway both also big leng lui !

    Aiyar... like tht I can nvr hv beautiful skin liao... always stay up late!:p

  14. From the thumbnail pic, I thought it was you. So yes, you both really look alike :) Sleeping before 11pm is like mission impossible for me haha. Have to really work on this!

  15. Nice template oh changed to left hand drive your human clock & profile & bloglists all on the left hehe. No problem for Bananaz have been taking 2 full glasses of water first thing in the morning. True ah 'got shadow' leh thought it was you.

  16. She is so pretty and YES you both look alike :)

  17. i fail in most of it.. i sleep late, eat late... @_@

    yes yes.. u both look alike! :)

  18. Angeline, I'm fine here! Saw you at Prima on Sunday morning!

    Yan, ok thanks, already did that!

    Yvonne, yes sometimes its ok to be muka tebal :P

    Yvon S, thanks! Erm, I just use the template from and the function is already there ^^

    Robinson, hey thanks! hehe may be you can share those tips with your girl friends~

    Dora, wow its been a while! Thank you!

    YT, I think its not easy for most people..

    Mummy Gwen, hehe thanks for the compliment!

    Willie, I'm fine here. It's ok, I know you're busy~
    You have a nice day too!

    Johnnie, yes and still in the process of fine tuning..

    ChrisAu, correct! Sweating is a good way of detoxification..

    SK, I think you mis read, not 1.8 glasses, it's 8 glasses *wink*

    Alice Law, LOL thanks ya! Well if not staying up late is impossible, try other methods!

    ChloeRuoyi, yes, good luck!

    Bananaz, Mummy Moon, Merryn, thank you!

  19. so . . . you gonna be like her? :P smooth and silky babe hahaha

  20. It's best to sleep before 11pm.

    But 11pm in W. Malaysia is different from 11pm in Sabah. And in Surabaya, Java, which I visited last year, 11pm is rather late.

  21. Kian Fai, I do wish to have fair and smooth skin like her!

    Khengsiong, well just make sure it's before 11pm =)


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