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Kering kontang

Looks like I've been to a beach eh?

It's actually the famous Taiping Lake Garden

The recent dry and hot weather has caused the lake to dry up....

Can see the sands and trash which you don't normally see.... If you have visited Taiping lake garden before, you'd know this is very terrible...

The water has never been this shallow.....

There's this part of the lake which has totally dry up until the soil is cracked

Some uncles used to fish here but now.....

So dry until you can actually step on it

But despite all the dryness, there's this nice water lily in the middle of the lake

I think it must be pouring for a few days continously in order to restore the beauty of lake garden. Now I hope the God of Rain read this post =)


  1. Yes, the weather is very very hot nowadays. Not only the soil is cracked, my skin is also cracked already! Need to replenish a lot of moisturiser and drink extra gallon of water.

  2. I didn't it was that bad for Taiping Lake, until I read this entry of yours. Dahsyat, thank god that last midnight was a down pour.

  3. That's terrible. hope it rain the town council people doing anything about this?

  4. that's bad never seen Taiping lake in this condition. Let's do the rain dance please sound the drums..

  5. Here comes the rain again,,is it?

  6. Actually the weather here in Penang today is ok,rained a little last night,kind of cool but i am not too sure how long it will last,,,,,sigh,

    feels like i am giving you the weather report,,,,,,signing off frowm the Weather Centre of Penang,,kekekkekek

  7. wah.. if the city of rain - Taiping is having such condition, what's left for other places like Pg ? :(

  8. oh that is pretty bad.. i've seen many photos of the Taiping Lake Garden and the place is so beautiful, can't imagine the lake is drying up and i'm seeing the cracked mud..

  9. OMG That is terrible. I like Taiping Lake cos it's really green and beautiful. Guess the dry spell has to end soon else we are gonna miss the beautiful landscape :(

  10. Luckily it's not so bad in the south! Still got rain. Hope it's wet again in the kinta valley soon!

  11. Oh dear... kesian tengok the park became draught like this!

  12. Day hot, so many monkeys there thirsty....drink all the water in the lake liao! ha ha ha!

  13. Oh my...that's very bad. Malaysia's weather so hot ah now. Hope it rains more.

  14. Yvonne, yes right, need to drink lots of water and do more facial mask~

    Yan, but it was only for a while..

    Johnnie, I dont think so..

    Bananaz, yes lets dance~

    Eugene, haha, its good to share what's happening at other place... Thanks for your report :P

    Ying Ying, I also dont know~

    SK, cant imagine right? =_=

    YT, just hope it'll rain soon...

    ChrisAu, Alice Law, Mummy Gwen, I hope it rains here soon!

    Pete, LOL.. great explanation!

    Robinson, yes, not a good sign :(

  15. hmmmm the earth is sucking the water hard . . . pray for more rain *praY*

  16. Kian Fai, yes! It did rained yesterday!


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