Thursday, July 21, 2011

Key chains

Was doing some housekeeping and found a bag of these.......

Key chains I received from around the world.....

I'm sure key chain is something very common you'll buy when you go travel, as a souvenir. It's easy to locate, inexpensive, small size and pretty useful too. But seriously how many of them you can use at one time?

Last time, I used to hang all of them at my office cubicle, as display =) But now, I just keep them in my cabinet ^^

How do you make use of the keychains you received?


  1. Who is giving you all these key chains? This is not happening to me.

    Deleted my previous comment, typing mistake.


  2. nice collection there Hayley, used to collect and hang them in the office, but end up giving away whenever my office girls saw them they want and being a kind hearted guy that I am (ahem)eventually all was gone.

  3. 我也喜欢收集锁匙圈,我也要找出来全部了,嘻嘻。。。

  4. Wow, that is a lot of keychains. Actually I am very bad in collecting things because I am just untidy like that. I have everything everywhere :S

  5. Hayley, beside thos ehanging on my cubicle, I still have in the cupboard....I have no idea what shall i do with it beside collecting...

  6. I'll get a tiny wooden box, hook and organise one another into it, frame up and hang on the wall...^^

    I reckon such unique gifts should really treat with respect.:)

  7. I like Alice's idea. My husband displayed them in glass cabinet in my living room

  8. I never really thought of what to do with all my key chains one day. Perhaps keep it in a box and dig them out once a while for memories :)

  9. Collectibles just like stamps, toys figurines, aeroplane models - if can appreciate in value will be nicer

  10. Some of these souvenir keychains can't really last....normally I just use normal metal key rings

  11. many.. mine are all scattered.. some i used..some are still lying in the drawers.. sigh..

  12. hahaha, and i supposed all those are souvenirs from friends and colleagues!! i got tons of those too, but i never used any too :p

  13. have a vast collection of keychains. I put mine for display in our TV glass cabinet.

  14. i think key chains are meant for deco and collection. some of them are too fragile to be used as real key chain. ;)

  15. Wow! U really had a massive collections of keychains. Errr ... Got hello kitty there hor?

  16. Hi Hayley, I too collect keychains, or presented by friends. I hang them in a big bunch next to my dining room.
    Yours look really nice....keep them well.....give to your kids next time. They'll love it.

  17. i like fridge magnet so i can stick them all over my fridge :)

  18. Hi Hayley,

    I can see that my keychain is among them. I have a lot of keychains too. But I love receiving them. Usually I will use the keychains until they are torn apart. Hahaha!

  19. Filip, they are from my friends~

    Johnnie, oh I dont do that, usually just keep for myself...

    珊姑娘, 锁匙圈是最容易买的,嘻嘻。。

    YT, ok then I know not to buy you key chains next time, LOL :P

    Angeline, yes I understand, we cannot use all of them at one time, LOL.

    Alice Law, wow your idea is great!

    Yan, Mummy Gwen, guess I can invest on a glass cabinet then =)

    Yvonne, yes just like I did :P

    Princess mum, thanks!

    Robinson, use to buy that for closer friends..

    Pete, yes metal ones are long lasting.

    Claire, guess its time to tidy them up?

    SK, correct, all are from friends and ex colleagues..

    Ying Ying, yes, so its best to just keep them nicely.

    ChrisAu, haha that one is actually magnet..

    Lee, haha good idea!!

    Merryn, I collect that too!

    Willie, of course yours are here!! ^^


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