Friday, July 8, 2011

The remaining of...

.. my Sungkai trip. I reckon I better finish it quick, before my readers get bored about it, LOL :P

This is also a post where the pictures do most of the talking.

#1. The second day, before we checked out.

#2. Hmm, I wonder, how much is a jacuzzi pool cost?

#3. Ladies at the mini balcony

#4. Bare footed

#5. In the living hall with our sexy legs, LOL

6. Being framed ^^

#7. At the quite-well-equipt kitchen

#8. Moving to the villa compound

#9. Do we look like teenage school girls? haha

#10. Outside the villa, road's cleared just for us to take more photos, kakaka

#11. More combinations now

#12. At the garden

#13. Hot sunny day~

#14. Walked to the nearby lounge bar and did crazy funny poses

#15. Alright, one last photo!

I'm suggesting this place to the Black Dog Society (BDS) gang, and we are probably visiting it again next month, during the long Raya holidays!

For your information, the one room villa we stayed is RM 600 for normal weekend, and RM 700 during public holidays. Entrance ticket to the public pool is RM 10 per head, and according to the rules, only one vehicle is allowed to enter the villa =_=

Hope you enjoyed reading my Sungkai posts and looking at our pretty faces! hahaha :P


  1. Is this the sungkai hot spring resort? heard lots about it but never really been there yet... :)
    nice photos though.. something to remember by...

  2. Other than eggs, what did you girls have there at night?

  3. RM600 per night is quite reasonable, as the facility is really complete and the condition of the villa is good. More over, it can fits in so many ppl :)

  4. Mei Ni and Mei Jin = Chang

    Beauties and Nice scenes = Perfect,,

    so now the Sungkai story is over ka?

    so have a good weekend ya

  5. Which no sleep baby dares to frame the 7 fairies to eat dead mouse? haha. The 8th person is the manusia-matic camera? Any rules stating the one room villa caters for how many paxz? If they only allow one car per entry into the villa what about the 2nd car, there is a parking lot outside? tQ for the info.

  6. I enjoy looking at the pretty photos and also reading your are funny. :)

  7. I love girly trips, chit chat, giggles, gossip and eat, Oh lovely! Sungkai looks great, except that the room is quite pricey.

  8. only one vehicle is allowed to enter the villa?? hmmm, then maybe must get a mini bus so that we can bring more people in, hahaha!! :D

  9. i'm not bored at all :) so did you use the kitchen for any cooking? happy weekend pretty :)

  10. Wah... The wonder girls ! Haha... Guess u gals have lots of fun !

  11. Claire, yes you're right! And it's only less than an hour from Ipoh!

    Yan, err, we brought own snacks such as sandwich, cakes, salad and so on..

    Yvonne, if shared by a few people, RM600 is really quite worth~

    Pete, ChrisAu, haha thank you! Yep we had fun!

    Eugene, yes it's over, or you want more? haha :P

    Bananaz, it's what stated in the policy. But I guess if you're daring and smart enough, 2 cars should not be a problem....

    Mummy Gwen, hehehe thank you! I try not to bore my readers ma!

    YT, once again, if the villa is shared by a few people, then I guess it should be alright.

    SK, LOL, good idea!!

    Ying Ying, nop. We dint utilise the kitchen, may be next time :P

  12. Hope you had many more nice outings to come :-D (Big grin here)

  13. Robinson, sure sure! Next gathering is coming up soon, LOL.

  14. So ency my friend, how I wish to hv a getaway with my girl friends...

  15. Alice, you can plan for a trip like this ma! :P

  16. The villa is quite expensive but since you all went beramai-ramai and shared out the cost, it should be reasonable :) Yes, I agree that you all looked like a bunch of teenagers... so young, sweet, fun-loving and vibrant!

  17. ChloeRuoyi, haha thank you thank you! Actually we were pretending to be a teenage youngster again, LOL :P


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