Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Selasa yang PANAS!

Read about this through Yan's blog and I feel like doing the same, I think it's time to update my blog ^^

1. Do you think you're hot?
Of course! Weather is terribly hot for the past few weeks!! Oh or you mean 'do you think you're sexy?' :P

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper that you are using at the moment.

3. When was the last time you ate chicken?
Yesterday night, it was honey BBQ chicken by MIL.

4. What was the last song you listened to?
Fiction, by BEAST, a famous korean boy band. It's sticking like glue in my mind now... Check it out here.

5. What were you thinking while doing this?
Wondering what will MIL cook for us tonight =)

6. Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
Check it out here, I blogged about it in April.

If you're free and running outta ideas on what to blog, do feel free to do this tag =)


  1. oh Hayley,
    even on normal days you are Hot!

  2. Drop by to listen the song Fiction - The group is HOT no doubt but unfortunately due to language barrier, can't never be drawn fully to K-POP haha

    BTW you're always HOT too :) LOL

    P.S : I'm still "HOT" with certain issue at office!

  3. Your post title is funny. You are hot no doubt bout it. So hang fook that you have your MIL to cook for you. :)

  4. haha, not only Selasa is hot, it's hari hari also hot lor~~ oh yeah, i am very HOT also~~ :D

  5. hahahha! u got many nickname! so cute, ah york =)

    MIL cook for us is reli hang fuk hor =)

  6. Hahaha...just wonder what is ur hubby and MIL call u then? do they call ur nickname too?

  7. Hahahah, don't worry i have so much to blog one,,, blogging is like my diary

  8. Yeah... it was pretty hot these days, wish I could go for a relaxing trip like you and your buddies had!

  9. Kekekeke! Am going to do another tag, feel free to follow it.

  10. Oo~ been thinking lots of food lately, hehehe! It's hot daily, don't feel like moving around and prefer to stay under the fan / air-cond.

  11. Hahaha... Good one!
    I thought I have a lot to blog about but I'm scared you guys will be bored of food, food and food! LOL!

  12. Are you indirectly promoting your Ah YORK? hahaha..Real hot and sweaty nowadays. Where has all the wind gone to? My place used to be very windy.

  13. why is it Tuesday Hot? Because of you're hot LOL :D

  14. Your MIL cooks for you all daily? So nice lar. I missed home-cooked food :(

  15. If really out of ideas to blog..
    actually do this question..
    the answer will be the topic u wanna post ~ funny =)

  16. Hahaha... I thought what! To me, you ARE hot in all the attractive ways :)

    If I were to answer question 3, my answer is: more than 3 years ago! I'm now a semi-vegetarian and I don't eat any animals with legs ;)

  17. Johnnie, LOL thanks~

    Claire, =)

    Robinson, you know what that song still stuck on my mind and I kept repeating it :P
    Must be I heard it many times until I know how to sing liao :P

    Mummy Gwen, YT, hehe yes, she cooked almost every weekdays.

    SK, you're right, hari hari pun panas~

    珊姑娘, hehe thanks!

    Shenny's mommy, erm they call me 'mei'...

    Eugene, I can see that, you seldom leave your blog 'empty' :P

    Alice Law, well you can certainly organize trip like that!

    Yan, thanks again and I already did that :P

    Yvonne, right! Even if it rains, Taiping doesnt feel cooling also =_=

    Shirlexia, haha I guess now people know your blog is a food blog~

    Bananaz, that York is just coincidence :P

    Kian Fai, haha yes, I feel hot actually...

    min~aris, sorry but dont get you :P

    ChloeRuoyi, oh really? I dint know you're a semi vegetarian~


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