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Si lipas

Of late, I realise there's these small little cockroaches crawling in my room. Not one, not two but quite alot!! I really wonder where did they came from? For your infor, I keep my room really neat and clean, at first I thought they came from the dustbin so I started not throwing any food waste/wrappers/food related item into the dustbin. But then, they're still here!! >=(

So I bought this sticky cockcroach house from Tokutokuya over the weekend and tried.

Peel off the sticker and the attached the sachet of pest tablets on it.

So this is the so called cockcroach house. I placed 3 of them at different corners in my room.

5 days later, I checked.

Really managed to caught a few small ones (in circles) My friend said she even caught baby lizards before. Lizards??? Seriously???

Another one.... I actually pressed them and killed them! hahaha :P This sounds cruel but I really beh tahan already! I REALLY HATE THEM!!

No doubt this cockroach house helped me abit but still not enough. I really wish to find out their nest and kill all of them once and for all!! But how? Anyone out there who hate cockroach like me? Any ideas how to tackle this kinda problem? Your sharing is highly appreciated! Thank you!


  1. Seems like there is a nest of cockroach in your room. So many baby cockroach get trapped. If you find the nest, spray it with lots of insect spray.

  2. I have this situation in my bedroom too.... Tiny little roaches roaming freely and sprint whenever I go into the room.

    Usually my kids would shout for me and I smash the cockroaches using tissues. There was once I couldn't manage to grab anything and just hit it with my bare hand, ewwww......

    I hate cockroaches!

  3. I really don't know where they come from, as I try to keep my room as clean as possible. No food wrapper in the dustbin, no eating on the bed....

  4. hate roaches too... but don't know what is the best way to keep them at bay. I think pandan leaves help?

  5. eeww....i hate cockroaches and lizards. there is another brand by Hoy Hoy also in the shape of a house. I used that and managed to trapped big lizard. gross :P

  6. You should try roach baits. Can find in hypermarkets. The roaches eat it and bring back to their nest and die there.

    My house in KL has no roaches although we are not staying there coz we seal up all the entry points. We cover up the drain holes (bathrooms) and sink holes and doors (I mean those celah celah down there) too...haha.

    You can read about my old entries about these pesky pests here :

  7. I don have tiny cockroaches at home but I have them in the car!!! Saw them crawling out of the air con and YM said it's "normal" =.=

  8. i very very very hate cockroaches!!!so geli!! omg!! why got many cockroaches in ur room >.<
    fast fast kill them!!

  9. Bruce lee used to yell : Katchaaaa!!! yelling will help for hubby to come to rescue...If not traditional 2nd method as posted by yourself or buy a Katchat spray

    P.S : I oso hate those big cocroach that's encroaching on your spaces esp the winged ones - when they fly,, i fly too....

  10. hey Hayley, u changed your template.. where did u get this.. it is nice!
    oh. talking about cockroaches, they are my most fear objects!! i see i scared and scream!!
    where did u get these weapons to kill them?? :)

  11. Yan, will surely do that if I find the nest, but now, I'm cracking my head on how to locate the nest =_=

    Yvonne, sounds exactly like me! Used to afraid of cockroaches but now, no more!! I hate them!

    mNhL, pandan leaves dint work for me =(

    Barb, Hoy Hoy? Really?

    Mummy Gwen, thanks for sharing! Will read your posts! But one thing, if they die in the nest, will there be nasty smell?

    YT, I cannot imagine if that happen to me, sure cannot concentrate on driving!

    珊姑娘, I am killing them! But wondering when can I stop all this crazy act!!

    Robinson, LOL.. That was funny! I hate it too when they fly!!

    Claire, go to and download the template!
    Where did I buy, hmm, it's Tokutokuya at De Garden Ipoh!

  12. i hate roaches too!! will want to kill each and everyone that i see!! hmmm, but this looks like not so effective on large roaches woh..

  13. Hayley,
    can never get rid of those pest completely one. they multify real fast and even if you get rid of them in your house. what about your neighbour's they still come over right?
    have you consider calling the pest control? it will reduce somewhat ,but might be costly compare to what you are using now.

  14. Oh murder in the kitchen..not on the dance floor..~;).

  15. When the roaches eat the bait and die in their nests, other roaches eat the dead roaches and die too. Not sure it applies to all roach baits or not.

    The ones I used, the roaches usually die around the baits (maybe tak sempat return to their nests). I think dead roaches not smelly coz I encountered few occassions where I saw dead roaches on my kitchen table top (decomposed already) and no smell one.

  16. Eh so ngam! I am facing the same problem in my kitchen too. I think these are "clean cockroaches" as they seem to appear in clean homes. I'm a clean freak too. Although my kitchen is spotless (every inch and corner wiped until shiny and rubbish all thrown out) I still spot these tiny brown pests every once in a while. I just hentam it with my bare hands whenever i see one. Really hate the sight of the them!

  17. SK, yes, I think large cockroaches are smart enough not to enter the trap.

    Johnnie, pest control is expensive la~

    Bananaz, not in the kitchen also, it's my room!

    Mummy Gwen, oh really? Ok, will check it out, thanks for your infor!

    ChloeRuoyi, I think it's quite common if happen in the kitchen, but now it's my room ler... so annoying!!

  18. Get the cockroach bait. I think it is Ridsect brand. Little round black plastics with bait inside. Once the cockroach eat the bait they will return to the nest and die. Then the other cockcroach will eat the body....then all die....very effective.


    You can use eco friendly some thin kai (paddy frogs)....rear them....mosquitoes also hilang...ha ha ha!

  19. Pete, Ridsect brand ya? Okok, will check it out..
    No doubt the second option sounds more eco friendly, but also takes lots of works :P

    Anyway, thanks for the infor~

  20. Tokutokuya... marked! My house also encountering the same problem, I tried all sort of cockroaches trap and moth balls also useless... those soap water(recommended by some site)didn't work out too!>_<

  21. Alice Law, very irritating right! I have yet to find the best solutions! Grrr...

  22. same problem here! I later found out that there was a nest on a flower pot next to my bedroom window (on the outside... my house is single story) I shifted the pot out into the sun and spray it with insecticide. I used the water-based ones (like Fumakila) so the plant is not harmed. If I use oil-based like Ridset the poor innocent plant sure die. Good luck!

  23. WaiLeng, but you are lucky to find the nest, I'm still struggling here!! Grrr.....

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