Monday, July 4, 2011

Sungkai Part I

Good morning Monday!

Back to the Sungkai visit, we took quite some photos so I guess I'll have to split them into 2 posts =)
I'll just let the photos do the talking....

#1. Thats us in the hot spring pool, the public ones. Hmm, its actually not necessary to wear swim suit there, normal tee and shorts will do. We din't know that in the beginning, LOL.

#2. It was a hot day, sunblock also no use =_= Well, here's us again.

#3. Thats the cascading hot water behind us.

#4. l-r: Esther, Angeline, Yean, Mei, Cat, Sam and yours truly.

#5. This is another public hot pool with temperature between 40'C to 43'C. I dont even dare to put my legs in it =_=".

#6. Eggs boiling pool. Just this small area, so have to queue up... You can bring your own eggs, or buy on the spot (which is slightly expensive).

#7. Us posing with the 'Egg Boiling' sign.

#8. While waiting for the eggs to boil, we took more photos. Thanks Esther for bringing the camera tripod, so we no need to bother the rest.

#9. Us taking photo in the bathroom, yes, bathtub fully loaded :P

#10. More photos in the villa.

#12. Make full use of the camera, and shoot photos at every possible corners of the villa.

#13. Back to the hot spring pool.......

#14. Yours truly with Mei (left) and Angeline(right). The water is kinda hot, but as long as you stay in the water for few seconds, you'll get used to it.

#15. With Yean(left), who is getting married this year, and Cat(right), a mum-to-be =)

#16. Us at the health stones walkway, with running hot water. So you can imagine, how 'syok' walking on it......

#17. After waiting for like 8 mins, the eggs are ready! Yum yum, but with soy sauce is better. We forgot to bring that *slap forehead*

Stay tune while I edit the remaining photos. Til then, have a blue-free Monday~


  1. nice. you look great in two piece or was it one? :D

  2. hey, the "jacuzzi eggs" are very interesting, do they taste equally nice too?? haha, and very funny of you to stuffed into that small little bath tub lor~~ :D

  3. meeeeow~

    Planning to go there when have the chance, haha. Taking a dip in the hot spring is just relaxing :D

  4. Hot spring is good to our health, right? Dip dip more, yeah!

  5. The blue dark monday aura will never be gone from my life's dictionary LOL

    Looks like you all had fun :-D
    & luckily NO too revealing outfit (phew)\\

    Anyway have a nice monday in office!

  6. fuiyoh Monday Blue for me cuci mata :P

    hot spring egg? seriously can eat? hahah coz I kind of naive :P

  7. whee whee, u r so sexy & pretty!!! Its fun trip!!!!

  8. Aiyo! How come there is no warning sign for men not to remain more than 8 mins in the hot eggs boiling pool else the "eggs" get cooked then how? Haha juz kidding.

    Great relaxing and a healthy dip.

  9. I want to go!!! Seems like a fun place. Really love the hot tub in the room, so spa-like!

  10. Agree with Kin Fai. Made my Monday great! Hahaha!

    But I'm so jealous of you guys! The event looks so fun! We have a hot Spring in Kuching. It's at Annah Rais Longhouse. When you come over to Sarawak, feel free to go there.

  11. Wah, nice place for a weekend getaway!

  12. whew whitt!! very pretty and sexy lar u in your two piece... and glad to know that you girls had a real good time there.

  13. Johnnie, haha that was two piece la :P

    SK, yes the eggs tasted great! Even great with soy sauce!

    Daniel, it's very relaxing. And can be very romantic if you bring your gf there :P

    Yvonne, yes its good for skin and blood circulation!

    Robinson, haha sure no too revealing outfit!

    Kian Fai, LOL... the eggs can be eaten of course!

    珊姑娘, Ying Ying, Evelyn, hehe thanks! *blush*

    Bananaz, hahaha, that one just for eggs boiling only. Nobody dares to go in cause its super hot!

    YT, plan it with YM la! Not very far only la...

    Willie, oh then have you been there?

    Pete, yes right!

  14. da eggs have all the luxury in the world! They go for jacuzzi! hehe... but too bad, in the end, they end up being EATEN! heheh.. loves the gorgeous pics of you Hayley :)

  15. What a fun all-girls mini holiday. Whether it's all-girls or with couple, you sure know how to enjoy life :) This is a very nice place for a short getaway. If only it's not that far away (for me)...

  16. LOL, was it hard boil or half boil?! My mom has been telling me about her experience boiling egg in the hot spring, ths is actually the 1st time I saw u did it! Thx for sharing!^^

  17. Merryn, haha good description!

    ChloeRuoyi, yes it's good for all girls and couples. Erm, not that far away from you la, less than 2 hours :P

    Alice, hard boiled~ Try it next time!


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