Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank you!

Went to this La Promise cafe on Monday night with colleagues.
From the same photostat machine, LOL. That's Yvonne with her cute daughter and son


A group photo of us! Very big group right? :P

Here's another one. Me in the green top given by Yan, Yvonne, Lorita (standing in red blouse), Celine (sitting in orange top) and Angeline as a farewell gift. Loving it, thank you!

With Evonne from Technical department

Us with Yvonne's cheeky boy :P

Ordered this La Promise ice cream fondue to share, yumzz...

Some of the food we had such as fish fillet with garlic butter and tomato omelette

As well as fish fillet with texas sauce and cordon bleu

They enjoying the ice cream time~

La Promise cafe
Jalan Panggung Wayang,
34000 Taiping.

Guess you know the purpose of this gathering.... Yep, a farewell dinner for me from the whole MIS department, as well as from an ex colleague and 2 ladies from Technical department.
One more day before I bid farewell, and I will miss them very much!
Last but not least, thank you for the lovely meal!


  1. These are the pictures you put one your FB kan? hahahah, you know what everytime i look at Yvonne's son, i feel so nice,,,,,he looks real cool to me always............

  2. I will miss you, as you are a lunch mate, a colleague, and a good friend to me. Wish you all the best.

  3. That green tops really suits you well. Bring out the sexy effect, hahaha....

    How fast time flies, without realising we are going to embrace the 'day we part' - I'm gonna miss this lunch mate /gossip kaki / colleague / sister / friend.

    We should plan for more outing like this, to catch up with each other.

  4. Stay sweet, stay happy and stay young. Good luck in ur future udnertakings... like this post! So Sweet!

  5. I guess everyone wish you already& you won't want to hear same thing twice ! But nice usage of word: "photostat machine" s but i think it's true mainly daughter follow father's gene & vice versa :D

  6. You have very nice colleagues. I'm curious where are you going to..hehe..maybe not IT related work anymore?

  7. Not another farewell rehearsal? hahaha. Great company with colleagues turned close friends. Sometimes its hard to leave them but then life has to go on no matter what. Anyway can get together again for old times sake once in a while.

  8. What a happy and nice gathering! SO you are the one leaving the pack now. All the best in your next career advancement. :-)

  9. Farewell.....coming to KL to work?

  10. Greetings Hayley,

    I assumed that you are taking a job with better offer or probably a company nearer to your house.

    After four years in the company, you must have good and fond memories of your colleagues. My last company was an NGO institution. I worked there for five years and i felt sad to leave. I even blogged about it in my blogspot domain. I was in a homesick mood for a few months. But then, after a year in the government office, I finally manage to get rid of the homesick mood.

    Your departure was a blessed one. Everybody threw a dinner for you. Unlike mine. I left without anybody throwing a dinner except for very few of them. You will miss them very much right?

    and I'm sure you will blog about your new job soon. So, I'm looking forward to it.

    Have a nice day Hayley.

  11. Great food, awesome ppl, the bestest farewell party my friend! All the best to you!

  12. finally see some guys, haha, or they are just the other half of your lady colleagues?? :p

    i love the fondue, looks so nice~~ :)

  13. It is never easy to leave good friends and wonderful colleagues but then when they take the trouble to give you such a wonderful farewell, you know they love you and it is a a nice feeling:D

  14. Eugene, yep, the same set of photos in FB~

    Yan, thank you for everything! I will miss you too!

    Yvonne, thanks for your lovely lunch box! I will miss you! Yes, do remember to call me if you guys have any outings!

    Angeline, thanks! Will visit you and bb in the coming months.

    Robinson, haha, its the truth...

    Mummy Gwen, might not be IT related... But I'll still staying at my lovely hometown.

    Bananaz, you're right, its hard to leave these close friends but, life goes on.. We will still keep in touch!

    Alice Phua, Alice Law, thanks!

    Pete, no la, still staying at my hometown here.

    Willie, sorry to hear that, but colleagues here are really kind enough to organize a few farewell for me. Really appreciate that!

    SK, haha those are my male colleagues la!

    Quay Po Cooks, thanks for dropping by!
    I do feel great that they organized the farewell for me, yet sad at the same time.... =_=

  15. Such a bittersweet moment... You have such great colleagues :) I'm also curious to find out what you are doing next hehe!

  16. u all makan the ice cream so sedap there!! i oso want! Yvonne is right, I love ur green top! cantik :D

  17. ChloeRuoyi, hehe check out on my next post!

    Merryn, the ice cream is nice! Hehe, thanks!


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