Monday, July 11, 2011

A vegetarian kind of farewell

Colleagues from Costing and Finance department treated me a farewell lunch last Friday (you must be wondering why another farewell meal?) Actually they said this is an official one, the previous one was actually just a normal gathering, LOL.

Went there during lunch hour, at a vegetarian restaurant at town area, Jia Yi Dao.
Photos taken with all of them

Some people actually don't recognise me in uniforms and in glasses... Seriously, is it that big difference? :P

They are another gang who is fun to be with

Sorry only 2 food photos, cause we were too hungry that time, haha

Lastly, a group photo of all of us!

Once again, I thank you ladies (though I think you might not be reading) for the thought of having another farewell for me, as well as the nice meal. I will keep in touch with you so do keep me updated with the latest gossips news in the company, muahaha :D


  1. You still look very pretty in spec. Nice pictures you have here.

  2. Farewell lunch also got rehearsal one..hahaha. All the best.

  3. after too many farewell , you might dont feel like leaving LOL.

  4. Being bombarded with lots of farewell parties, must be feeling nice and high.

    Food in Jia Yi Dao always successfully tempts me. Never had any decent meal there before, hence making me salivating over the photos.... 2 only? T____T

  5. First all gals photo again ^ ^

    Secondly yeap there's difference btw wearing glass & in corporate uniform
    (although not much probably make up effect?)

    U must had formed a strong bond with many colleagues hence the many farewell parties as well - It speaks of your friendliness that attracts like magnet & good for you! Hope you enjoy your gathering & cherish those moment :p

  6. So nice of your ex-colleagues. I think you do look different with and without glasses.

  7. I still can recognize you ! :P

  8. Love vegetarian food, used to be a vegan before I met my husband... hehe!

  9. Hey Hayley, where you going to or leaving for?Another new job, new company? Another town, another State?
    Must admit you do look nice in those glasses....Never knew you wear prescription ones.

    Anyway, wherever you going, good luck, and all my very best wishes. Have fun.

  10. you are stil the pretty Hayley with uniform & spec ^_^

  11. Yan, thanks! Guess you already used to see me like that :P

    Bananaz, haha funny right? Got rehearsal one :P

    Johnnie, LOL, may be you're right, but decision is made and life goes on...

    Yvonne, yes I'm glad and appreciate all the farewell meals! Ok, let's plan a day there!

    Robinson, haha don't get me wrong, it's not that I have only lady colleagues, but its because I'm closer to them.

    Mummy Gwen, hehe different ka? But I think you already can recognise me :P

    Queennie, haha good good ^^

    Alice, is that why you're so thin?

    Lee, I'll still be here at my hometown. A new kinda working environment though =)
    Thanks for wishes!

    珊姑娘, thanks for your compliment! ;)

  12. Not thin at all... anyway, I hv hypermetablism which can be confused as hyperthyroid.:)

  13. Hmm come to think of it, I actually miss those office gossips with my ex-colleagues hahaha :p I like your specs and uniform office style too :)

  14. Alice, hypermetablism?? Wow, first time I heard about this thing :P

    ChloeRuoyi, haha thanks for the compliment!

  15. I always can recognize you by your hairstyle, like that a lot,,,,,,,,,all the best to your future undertakings ya.............. blog blog blog more,,,,,,,,,

  16. so nice to get all these treats from your dear colleagues. you will definitely be missed in the company :) oh yes, you do look different with glasses :)

  17. Eugene, thank you! Will keep in touch through blog and FB, as always..

    Barb, I will miss them too~

    Kian Fai, LOL, same same lo... :P

  18. all the ladies!! wow.. hehe, kind of uncommon to have a vegetarian meal for events huh?? actually not a bad idea lah, there was once we had vegetarian for CNY dinner for the company, something different lor~~ :)

  19. u look kind of cute like that! all ladies, sure very noisy one! haha..

  20. SK, yes its kinda uncommon but like you said, it's something different, so worth a try la~

    Merryn, yes you're right! Very noisy one, hehehehe :P


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