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Games we played

Hello, I bet most of you are enjoying the long holidays! =)

Here's the continuation from my Sydney post, I wanna share the games we played during the trip.

This is the beautiful beach at Anna Bay

We came here early morning to try sand boarding!

Hubby and I, with the beautiful scene

This is the 4 wheels drive which takes us to the sand slope, it can carry about 20 people at one go

Us posing with the 4WD

The coach explained to us how to play the sand boarding, and I can't wait to try already~

That's hubby in action, hehe

And that's me! I know the image is too small.. but trust me, it was me :P

Hubby was good at it, he played for like 5 times. As for myself, I failed during the first time, the board slipped off from my buttock, LOL. But during the 2nd and 3rd attempt, I was ok!

Us again, wind was strong at the top, with sand blowing and hitting on our skin! To make thing worse, I forgot to bring my sunglasses this time!! So sands blowing into my eyes, and hit hard o…

Final Destination 5 (2011)

Image taken here
Starring: Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher

Similar to the previous installments (which I've never missed any), it's about a guy who has premonition to death and trying to escape and survive.
All sickening and scary blood and flesh scenes still maintain, but as for storyline, I'd say it's only so-so. Somehow, part 1 and part 2 are still my favourite! (May be because of the actors and actress)

I did have a hard time watching all the shocking blood scenes in the cinema, LOL. But still I pretty enjoy that moment :P

Personal rating: 3.5/5

Note: Not suitable for children, pregnant women and the faint-hearted

Sydney, when we arrived

Weather was extremely good when we arrived! I was told that it was end of winter but weather was tolerable most of the time! After breakfast, we leave Sydney town for a while and took an 2 hour bus ride to the other side of Sydney, the Hunter Valley Garden.

Sunny day with cold wind!

Hubby and I, lunch was at a cafe called Brokenback bar. I will gather all food pictures in a post next =)

Us at McGuigan Winery, wine tasting. Pale looking face, din't sleep well in the plane =_=

That's Mr Stephen pouring wines for us to taste, as well as explaining the background of this winery. We tasted about 5-6 types of wines (in a small glass), and end up hubby and I din't buy any, LOL, cause we are not a big fan of wine. Price range from $20 - $64.

Outside the winery

Next, we walked to this cheese store situated next to the winery, and tasted some of the specialty hand-made cheeses

I saw this lonely Mr Horse being tied to the tree, so I went talked to him :P

See he was happy that we …

Of the Geographer and Dreamz

Hey guys, thanks for the warm wishes and I am getting better today.
Before I start blogging about my Sydney trip, I wanna share 2 interesting places I went.

Had some western tea session with friends at the Geographer, situated at Puchong Boulevard

That's hubby and his buddies, with their Tiger tower. I had pink guava juice which tasted ok~
This Puchong Boulevard is becoming more and more happening, with lots of cafes, restaurants and pubs. I know where to go already the next time I go KL ^^ Anyone been there?

And on the day I boarded the plane to Sydney, I drove to Dreamz Bakery, situated at Kota Damansara. Read alot about this bakery through the pretty tauke soh, Hwi Yee.

This cosy bakery

A corner for the guests to leave their comments, too bad they run out of clips, so I din't leave mine there T.T

I ordered this green tea layer cake, while enjoying their free wi fi, and waiting for Hwi Yee to come back

Unfortunately, Hwi Yee is too busy til she forgotten our date T.T So …

Home sweet home

Good day mate! How's life everyone?

I am back from my 7D5N Sydney trip! Apart from souvernirs and great memories (not forgetting a few kilos =_=), I also brought back fever, sorethroat and flu! T.T
But I am getting better today after taking the medicines, so no worries, I'll just need more rest.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of hubby and I with Opera House. Please give me some times to visit you and I promise to update my blog asap!

Believe it or not?

Few days ago, I read an article published in one of the local newspaper, saying that the Hungry Ghost Festival this year is the strongest of all. Not only in paper, I think I saw friends posted some links in FB too.

Now, tomorrow is the day, 14th July, I know it's best to not go out at night, or at least go home early if you're going out, but so coincidentally it falls on a Saturday, a night when most youngsters people are looking forward to! It'll be bored if just staying at home, right? :P

Anyway, the article I read says that, wearing something RED tomorrow helps to eliminate those spirits/'good buddy'. I'm not really superstitious when comes to this thing, but then again, no harm trying right? 宁可信其有,不可信其无.

Red nails, checked

Red dress, checked. Well, at least these are the things I'm able to do la~

Do you read something similar like I mentioned? Whatever it is, please be extra careful for this whole month (I'm reminding myself too) and meanwhile, hav…

Sakae Sushi Genmaicha Tea

I'm a big fan of green tea and before this I think Sushi King's green tea is the best, but until I tasted rice tea, I changed my mind.

Bought this Genmaicha roasted rice tea from Sakae Sushi, RM19.90 for 20 packets (which is quite expensive I think)

Roasted rice tea is comparable to green tea except that it has a more yellowish color, and there's this roasted nutty flavor in it. It is a great antioxidant and decrease the risks of cancer. It is also rich in Vitamin B, iron and fiber.

Do you like green/rice tea?

Visit this link if you want to know more about Genmaicha.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011

I'm here for another movie review!

Image taken from here
Starring: James Franco, Freida Pinto, David Oyelowo, John Lithgow

I did not planned to watch this, but after reading a few positive comments from friends, I decided to join the gang in the cinema. Turns out, not bad!

I love how they did the apes thingy! I learn from here that all the apes were created digitally by Weta Digital using motion capture. And the main apes, Caesar, he's really smart and looks like human being in certain ways. Is it true that human evolved from monkey?

Anyway, not much love stuff in this movie but quite alot of actions in the end. Overall, I'd give a personal rating of 4/5.

Genki Up!

I came across this restaurant some times ago, but din't have the chance to taste the food.

It's called Genki Up, 元气. Genki in Japanese means fine/well so you can tell this restaurant serves some nutritious food~

They have snacks

Local specialties

Several types of cakes!

Even man tao and pao

The shop. No air conditioners though

They also have ice cream!

And this is the nutritious drinks, a lot of combinations of fruits which serve different functions like slimming, detox, strengthen the immune system and so on. Price range from RM3.50 to RM5

They display some of the food photos on the wall, as well as the benefits of each fruits. Very informative!

Ordered this Hokkien fried kuey teow. Nice~

Fried glass noodles. Taste nice and the sambal is good! But it's too much as breakfast, may be more suitable for lunch?

Chocolate and peanut waffle. This is the hard type, I prefer the soft type though

Cold bread toast

Toast with hash brown and cheese

Total bill for 4 of us including drinks is RM…