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Believe it or not?

Few days ago, I read an article published in one of the local newspaper, saying that the Hungry Ghost Festival this year is the strongest of all. Not only in paper, I think I saw friends posted some links in FB too.

Now, tomorrow is the day, 14th July, I know it's best to not go out at night, or at least go home early if you're going out, but so coincidentally it falls on a Saturday, a night when most youngsters people are looking forward to! It'll be bored if just staying at home, right? :P

Anyway, the article I read says that, wearing something RED tomorrow helps to eliminate those spirits/'good buddy'. I'm not really superstitious when comes to this thing, but then again, no harm trying right? 宁可信其有,不可信其无.

Red nails, checked

Red dress, checked. Well, at least these are the things I'm able to do la~

Do you read something similar like I mentioned? Whatever it is, please be extra careful for this whole month (I'm reminding myself too) and meanwhile, have a safe and fun weekend! =)


  1. Thought what in the movies the 僵屍jiāngshī always wore red with red lips nails and all in red? So are we inviting them? hahaha.. Bananaz Beleaf It Or Not!

  2. errr, i read something and watched video related to this month lah, but they all say never wear anything black and red at night woh~~

  3. I hope it don't stop u from wearing red if you believe in it but one thing i do adhere to : Play "self-quarantined" "cinderella" - back home before certain hour! :p

  4. wah very red woh.. might as well make it complete red underwears& bras too LOL. saw a ghost movie where they do just that ,but not sure whether people actually to that these days.

  5. Ok I'll put on something in red tomorrow :-) Happy Weekend!


  6. i love your dress :) eh..i heard that wearing red is on Monday, especially for those born in the Year of the Monkey :)

  7. There is a saying...'ang ang bo hai lang'. Hmm, thinking to do the same too. hahaha..

  8. LOL@ Johnnie's comment. Yeah, might as well wear everything in red. Put on the red lipstick, too. This will at the same time eliminate the ghosts and be attractive :p

  9. Maybe I shall wear red underwear hahahaha...

    Ok, joke aside. I am not sure there's this spirit thing or not but I do feel that they would leave us alone as long as we don purposely agitate them. No worries.

  10. try going out wearing red at night.. and you'll be met with screams!! LOL!!

  11. RED!
    LOL~ especially red nail ~
    No matter linked to the fb news or not~juz love it!

  12. Read in Star & red The Daily Chilli

    Master Szeto says : women are MORE prone to seeing ghosts woh LOL (caveat) & easier to "click" LOL

    Additional tips : Keep away from the walls coz ghost love sticking to it LOL (beh tahan)

    Ok ok - dun be too obssessed - Clear & peaceful mind is best antidote

    Best of life & best of weekend !!!

  13. Wah, nails painted so red ah....nanti at night see liao, takut!

  14. Hey guys, I just wore the red dress last night, haha :D

    Wishing you guys a nice day!

  15. I think nowadays not many bothered.. last night a lot of people frequent the food court near my area.. i guess food is more important? hahaha..

  16. Haiyo! I forgot already. I was at home all night only going out on Sunday. No problem, I wasn't scared at all this year, as my White Knight was with us all the time.

  17. The Star said otherwise wor. Don't wear red for ppl who has low luck during the festival.

  18. Nice red! But too bad it can't paint it wit my ugly fingernails :D

  19. I dislike Red actually . . . XD because it hurt my eye lot lol

    as for tradition celebration I got no choice for it hehe

  20. I hope you guys had a safe weekend, doesn't matter if you're wearing red or not.....


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