Sunday, August 7, 2011

Frozen 2010

I came across this movie through a blogger friend, Robinson.

Image from here

Starring: Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zegers

First of all, sorry to say that as a movie lover, I actually din't know about this movie until I read and watched the trailer from Robinson's blog and I immediately went to get a copy of DvD, serious :D Cause I like this kinda thrilling scary movie!

It's about 3 friends stranded on a chairlift and struggling how to survive before they freeze to death. It's that simple. Visit this link for more infor.

When I was watching, I was thinking what am I gonna do if I was in that situation?? Imagine being trapped on a chairlift, and it is freezing up there, and no one could hear you? And it's not for few hours only, but for like, days?

My personal rating: 4/5, not for its storyline, but for how they make the whole thing so exciting and blood and bones crashes are so real!! Hubby gave up watching half way cause he couldn't stand watching the blood/flesh scene, LOL :D


  1. Yo! Hanging up in the freezing cold weather for days..? Grrrrrrr...coldddddd.

  2. Heard bout this movie but I never watch it. Mayb I should!

  3. ur new profile pic is so cute! :)

  4. Hey that's "not so nice" of you to "promote" me again LOL

    I hope u can promote more chinese movies like previous postings for more bananas out there (Bananaz excluded!)

  5. huh?? is there another new movie?? i am so outdated, i just watched Captain America just now lor.. haha!! :D

  6. I so skinny sure the first one to freeze.....ha ha ha!

  7. I've heard about this movie but decided not to watch it because the review said something about the blood and bones, hehehe...

    I'm very timid.

  8. Bananaz, yes, cannot imagine!

    YT, well if you like this kinda movie, then you should!

    Merryn, erm, I thought it's supposed to be artistic, not cute? :P

    Robinson, hey you should be proud! Sorry, I hardly watch chinese movies!

    SK, Capt America is gooodd!

    Pete, skinny, you sure?? :P

    Yvonne, but those scenes are just for a while....

  9. ya... it's was quite a "horrow" movie for me because contains blood scenes ~

  10. yerr... i need to think twice for movies which contain too many bloody scenes. I will feel pain when the character tried lifting his hand from the chairlift handle but the skin peeled off due to it's adhered to the icy cold steel handle!! i got this desc of the movie from my bro. >.<

  11. It's pretty violent right... lots of action? I hope I'll it!^^

  12. Mr Lonely, yes, blood and flesh scenes~

    Ying Ying, yes correct! Your brother described very clearly ya!

    Alice, it's another kinda of 'violent'....

  13. Kian Fai, yes it was last year's movie =)


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