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Games we played

Hello, I bet most of you are enjoying the long holidays! =)

Here's the continuation from my Sydney post, I wanna share the games we played during the trip.

This is the beautiful beach at Anna Bay

We came here early morning to try sand boarding!

Hubby and I, with the beautiful scene

This is the 4 wheels drive which takes us to the sand slope, it can carry about 20 people at one go

Us posing with the 4WD

The coach explained to us how to play the sand boarding, and I can't wait to try already~

That's hubby in action, hehe

And that's me! I know the image is too small.. but trust me, it was me :P

Hubby was good at it, he played for like 5 times. As for myself, I failed during the first time, the board slipped off from my buttock, LOL. But during the 2nd and 3rd attempt, I was ok!

Us again, wind was strong at the top, with sand blowing and hitting on our skin! To make thing worse, I forgot to bring my sunglasses this time!! So sands blowing into my eyes, and hit hard on my face! T.T

After an hour game, we took a mini group photo before leaving Anna Bay

With the sand boarding coach. Sand boarding is fun, but climbing up the sand slope while carrying the board is tiring. But whatever it is, I did enjoy myself!! =)

Besides sand boarding, we learnt how to crack a whip and throw a boomerang at Tobruk Sheep Station.

Here's Mr Gordon, the stockman, demonstrating to us how to crack a whip

Then, throwing a boomerang, and watch it comes back (but never try to catch the boomerang with hands cause it's dangerous)

Each of us had the chance to try! (I will blog more about Tobruk Sheep Station next)

Though these games might not sounds unique, they are certainly an eye opener for me! It was a nice and fun experience~


  1. Wow....sounds fun! I also want to play!

  2. Err... I prefer snow boarding, because I dislike sand getting onto my face :p

    Btw, I thought everyone catches the boomerang with hand, no? It's shown in movies and cartoon wor....

  3. so this is a real desert ah?? i've been to the desert in Dubai before and also go this sandboarding thing, but i didn't try lah, because the wind was too strong and i got all "sandy" don't feel like playing~~ :p

  4. looks like you have lots of fun Hayley. wished I was there with
    sand board? skating board on sand?

  5. Oh thx for the intro on sand boarding (i think got sea boarding as well) - Haha do you & hubby try bungee jump??

    Oh boomerang not meant to caught by hand when fly back ah? (new info to me)..

    Nice nice

  6. The sand boarding looks so, so FUN! I guess it would be better if you had brought along a pair of goggles :)

  7. hhah!should be crazy and funny~
    sound fun!...i dunno australia can play this~

  8. NICE! I am scared to try sand boarding as am afraid to ter swallow sand! But it looks soooo fun!

  9. Bananaz sure to love sand boarding wow your hubs did it 5 times. Coming down is fun but climbing back would be tedious. Now that you learned how to crack the whip haha can try on hubs mauhahaha.

  10. Looks like you have had lots of fun eh. If never to catch a boomerang with hands how do they catch or with what gadgets? Thought have seen some 'catching' on video before maybe those are the experts doing it.

  11. The sand boarding must be very interesting! Love the carefree lifestyle in Australia :-)


  12. ChrisAu, if you come accross any sand boarding in Msia, let me know :P

    Yvonne, haha yes, I also prefer snow boarding. I thought too, but the stockman advised not to =_=

    SK, not really a desert I think...

    Johnnie, yes I did!

    Robinson, nop, my hubby dare not challenge. But I really wanna try bungy jump one day!

    ChloeRuoyi, yes, too bad I dint have!

    min~aris, it was new to me too!

    Merryn, as long as you dont open your mouth, you wont ter swallow sands! :P

    Bananaz, LOL.. try on hubby? hahaha..
    May be catching the boomerang is only apply to those experts!

    Dora, yes I love it too!


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