Monday, August 8, 2011

Genki Up!

I came across this restaurant some times ago, but din't have the chance to taste the food.

It's called Genki Up, 元气. Genki in Japanese means fine/well so you can tell this restaurant serves some nutritious food~

They have snacks

Local specialties

Several types of cakes!

Even man tao and pao

The shop. No air conditioners though

They also have ice cream!

And this is the nutritious drinks, a lot of combinations of fruits which serve different functions like slimming, detox, strengthen the immune system and so on. Price range from RM3.50 to RM5

They display some of the food photos on the wall, as well as the benefits of each fruits. Very informative!

Ordered this Hokkien fried kuey teow. Nice~

Fried glass noodles. Taste nice and the sambal is good! But it's too much as breakfast, may be more suitable for lunch?

Chocolate and peanut waffle. This is the hard type, I prefer the soft type though

Cold bread toast

Toast with hash brown and cheese

Total bill for 4 of us including drinks is RM 26.30, quite reasonable I think. They serve no pork no lard so it's halal. Serving speed is acceptable.

Will surely go there again.

Genki Up
96, Jalan Barrack,
34000 Taiping,
(Same row with Central food court)

Operating hours:
10am - 6pm
8am - 6pm

(Close on Wednesdays)


  1. too bad it's not Japanese and it's in Taiping! Reminded me of now defunct Genki Sushi in Sunway Pyramid where I used to bring my wife there in the past!

  2. The menu is extensive. The price is so reasonable. The food looks good to me.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Hayley, saw this shop, but didn't brave enough to try out.

  4. I've noticed this shop some time ago, and now got guinea pig (hehe :p) went to try it out already and came back with not-bad review... I guess I can go dine there next time.

  5. Hmm, let arrange another trip to Genki Up with Yan and Yvonne. I went there once and did took some photos, but when I saw your post, only I remembered...Now thinking where did I saved the photos...LoL. I miss their french toast with banana...superb delicious snack.

  6. the mantao looks so gross.
    what is their signature dish?

  7. Looks good. I think more and more healthy food stores are coming up nowadays since people are more cautious about what they eat.

  8. wah, they really have a wide variety of food in that restaurant!! that would possibly take me 20 minutes to flip through the menu and decide what to eat and drink, hahaha!! the hokkien kuey teow looks good, but are you sure that's hokkien style?? :p

  9. It's reasonably cheap, the food looks great too!

  10. ooo... genki, but it's not japanese eh? i love waffle :)

  11. I will surely take a long time to decide what to eat here... too many items to choose from! It's not expensive at all... I like :)

  12. So in Hokkien that makes you like to go..Gen-Ki..whoa Nihonjin restaurant also got sell Hokkien fried kuey teow and local meals. Oh genki desu.

  13. Hi Hayley, sure looks interesting place to eat. And love the dishes.
    Extensive menu they have too.
    Have fun.

  14. thule, people used to mistaken it as a Japanese restaurant cause of the name, hehe.

    Mummy Gwen, right, so many varieties!

    Yan, I think now should be no problem already right!

    Yvonne, yes. We can meet up there during lunch time when the Big Cheese is not in, LOL.

    Angeline, they have several toast which I think quite special and nice!

    Johnnie, LOL, gross?? Won't la! Signature dish? I guess it's their nutritious combination of fruit juices.

    YT, right. Definetely can make business~

    SK, 20 mins? haha :D
    May be it's their own Hokkien style, but nvm as long as it taste good!

    Robinson, =)

    Alice, yes!

    Merryn, I love the soft type waffle~

    ChloeRuoyi, I also took a while before deciding what to order ^^

    Bananaz, LOL, it's not really a Japanese restaurant, just a name.

    Lee, yes, it's an interesting place, I'm planning for another trip to try other food.
    You take care!

  15. I see Japanese food, i also feel gengki, i like everything Japanese, used to have dream about marrying a Japanese onna no

  16. is good for . . . TEA TIME hahah :) dun order too much la, a slice of cake will do hehe

  17. Eugene, LOL, so that was your dream ya? :P

    珊姑娘, me too!

    mNhL, yes, unique!

    Kian Fai, ok, a slice of cake for tea time is reasonable!


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