Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NYX Make Up Event

Weekend was tiring yet fun and happy!

Remember the shocking makeover I blogged here? It's actually for my ex colleague, Karen's make up course examination. She had been practising with this look for a month plus before the actual event date.

We basically practised once every week since June

Finally, the anticipated event is here! It was held at Vistana Hotel Penang last Sunday. We went to Penang a day earlier for rehearsal.

That's us (with Karen's friends and daughter) camwhoring in the hotel room :P

I couldn't sleep that night, partly because I was nervous for the event the next day, as I need to catwalk =_= And the biggest reason was, I miss my bed T.T I always have this problem whenever I go outstation/oversea.

Anyway, event started as early as 9am.

That's the ugly makeup-less me with my ex colleague, aka the make up artist (MUA) Karen

Yours truly with the other 3 models
Us posing, LOL

Basically, all the MUA gotto finish the whole bridal look in 45 mins! The theme is Carnival Bridal so that explain my bold hairstyle and makeup. My heart was pumping like crazy that time, so as Karen! I could feel her shaky hands....

And the result......

Karen won the Best Make Up!!

And this one is totally unexpected. I won the Best Model =_= If you were there that time, you'd see how good the other 3 models were. Seriously they walked and present better than me.... By the way, that's Zac Bong presented the trophy to me. He is a professional photographer and I think part of NYX make up management. I love his style!! Visit his website here.

After the event, we took more photos backstage

Last but not least, a group photo with NYX organizer

Anyway, I was happy that Karen won the best make up~ At least all our effort and time were not wasted!

Thinking back, winning that Best Model title wasn't really a big deal, cause there were only 4 models that day. LOL. Nonetheless, it was a great event and nice experience as I made new friends!

p/s: hubby surprised me by arriving there earlier than he promised to support me, and fetched me home! hehehe =)


  1. wow, Best Model woh, don't play play~~ :D

  2. Well, it's a good experience plus winning the title - congrats !

    I guess you must be thrilled by this event & possibly hoping for more in the future :-D

    Perhaps your next career might be part time model??

  3. Wah, modeling lorr.....must get your autographed photo liao!...

  4. Ha, somebody is doing the catwalk now lol,, who knows,one day you will be scouted by a talent scout,, then York Mei will be catwalking in London, Paris and New York,, you will never know, never never know,,, it could well be happen,, that's why they say,it is better to try then to cry..

    congratz,,,,,,,,,,, keep it up, please show more photos ya

  5. congrats Hayley, well done. you deserve to win. you look great.
    keep it up.congrats also to your friend for the win.

  6. Congratulation on winning the Best model, and to Karen, stunning great job!^^

  7. WOW~ U modeled and you won!!! Omg, that is GREAT!

    Not everyone can carry a dramatic makeup, I am sure u did very well to beat the rest (cos all of them look quite pro eh!).

  8. Congrats to you and Hayley... Very nice and artistic....got chance to be a model d. may all ur wish comes true...

  9. Congrats on the winning to both of you! Karen's makeup is very artistic and bold, suitable for the theme :)

  10. *clap clap!*

    I remember last time u were a professional singer.. and now a "pro" model as well.. wow.. congrats!! what next, Hayley? :)

  11. Congratulations to you and your friend Karen! I think you stood out among the rest of the models. You have model material ler. Maybe should go for some castings for ads/modeling. :)

  12. Wow! Best model and best make up all won by your group. Congrats!

  13. Wow Hayley, U look GREAT! Congratulation & u deserve it :)

  14. To all, thank you for the warm wishes and encouragement!! Really appreciate it!

    But just to clarify that, this is just helping my ex colleague in her make up course, not for long term la~ Though I dreamt of being a model before, I know it's impossible~ So, I better keep it as my dream :P

  15. congratulation . . . i was late heheh

    one thing wanna say here is . . . open your eye bigger :X

  16. Love love da makeup, congrates, model, xoxo :)


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