Thursday, August 25, 2011

Of the Geographer and Dreamz

Hey guys, thanks for the warm wishes and I am getting better today.
Before I start blogging about my Sydney trip, I wanna share 2 interesting places I went.

Had some western tea session with friends at the Geographer, situated at Puchong Boulevard

That's hubby and his buddies, with their Tiger tower. I had pink guava juice which tasted ok~

This Puchong Boulevard is becoming more and more happening, with lots of cafes, restaurants and pubs. I know where to go already the next time I go KL ^^ Anyone been there?

And on the day I boarded the plane to Sydney, I drove to Dreamz Bakery, situated at Kota Damansara. Read alot about this bakery through the pretty tauke soh, Hwi Yee.

This cosy bakery

A corner for the guests to leave their comments, too bad they run out of clips, so I din't leave mine there T.T

I ordered this green tea layer cake, while enjoying their free wi fi, and waiting for Hwi Yee to come back

Unfortunately, Hwi Yee is too busy til she forgotten our date T.T So I left with these two cakes.....

Chocolate layer cake.... (can't remember the price, but it's between RM8-RM9)

and a piece of vanilla layer cake for hubby. And if you ask me how was the cake? Of course they taste great! I think you can tell by the looks ^^

Dreamz Bakery is situated at
No58-3, The Strand,
Jalan PJU5/20D,
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara,
47810 PJ.
(Opens from 10.30am - 9pm, close on Tuesdays)

You can search Dreamz Bakery on FB.

p/s: Hwi Yee, not sure if you're reading this, anyway, really hope to meeting you during my next visit!


  1. Glad you are much better now Hayley. looking forward to your post about your trip.
    these two places looks interesting enough. but never been there.

  2. New place to hang out huh! I'm looking forward to taste the dreamsz bakery layer cake too. Never try it before. Glad to hear that you are much better now...

    See when you are free, we wanna have a date with you for lunch - baby crab remember?

  3. I've been to Puchong Boulevard but not Geographer. Always see alot of ppl there when we pass by coz we are staying nearby..hehe. The cakes look so yummy.

  4. u went to Sydney! Now is quite cold, right? looking forward to your pictures...

  5. The layer cakes look really good! Must drop by this Dreamz Bakery one fine day as I pass by Kota Damansara very often :)

  6. Hayley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I work just a level below Dreamz Bakery!! @_@

  7. These cakes looked really tempting. Unfortunately, you didn't meet up with Hwi Yee. I am hopping to see you two pretty ladies in a picture.

  8. Hey that's the mille crepe! I didn't know there is one at The Strand!!!
    You should try the one at Ndeje in Melaka one day!!!

  9. millie crepe from Melaka!!! Din know they had spread to the Klang Valley. I've only tried once in Melaka. Should find time and eat that again!

  10. Oh, the cakes are so tempting ^_^ and yeah, by judging from the look, I bet it's heavenly delicious!

  11. I haven't been to the Geographer's Cafe though I've been going to IOI Boulevard. Must check it out next time. Oh the Dreamz Bakery looks nice. Err...kota damansara is like a war zone on most days. really jam :(

  12. Puchong is one of the happening place & many eatery places .Kota damansara = no clue at all :p

  13. ooooh, this one looks like a nice cosy place to gather with close friends.. i like the corner with all the comments.. those are not layer cake but mille crepes right?? looks good, i want to try that also..

  14. The place is quite close to my house, gonna give the layered cake a try one of these days!^^

    Happy Holiday to you too!


  16. Oh the comment board so cramped presume lots of good words written. Yummy love the vanilla cake.

  17. Waaaa! That's a lot of comments on the board. Pity you for not being able to post one there huh?

    I'm sure the food there was nice. Nyummy!

  18. Johnnie, well who knows, you might have the chance in the future!

    Angeline, alright sure! Miss you ladies so much~

    Mummy Gwen, next time make a trip there, lots of cafes!

    Claire, weather was tolerable cause it's end of winter..

    ChloeRuoyi, well then you must try the layer cakes!

    Merryn, oh really?? Aiseh, should have know it earlier.. hehe.

    Shenny's mommy, hehehe :P

    Yan, yea, I was abit disappointed too!

    Shirlexia, ok will try if I go Malacca!

    mNhL, yes try it!

    Yvonne, you're a cake person, sure you gonna love it!

    珊姑娘, yes nice!

    Barbara, right, it's quite jam. So may be can go there during weekend!

    Robinson, Kota Damansara is near Ikea!

    SK, it's layered cake as labelled at the bakery =)

    Alice, Anggie, thank you and happy holidays to you too!

    Bananaz, I love them too!

    Willie, yea, next time may be!

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