Friday, August 5, 2011

You kiasu I kiasi

For once I saw a car sticker like the below:

Image from here

LOL, sounds rude but so true!
Try Google kiasu and see what you'll get. Yes, Singaporeans!

But you know what, I reckon not only in Singapore, even here in my small hometown Taiping I've came across several kiasu cases, on the roads/in a restaurant/during my yoga class and basically everywhere! I know it's normal for us to being kiasu sometimes, including myself. But at least don't do it blindly without considering where you are or under what circumstances!

Sometimes I think, the best solution when dealing with kiasu people is to give in. I mean trying to be generous and save the effort to fight with these people. But then I realise that giving in won't work all the time, it has to depends on situation. So when necessary I'll ignore the politeness and fight with those people, LOL. I'm like that, if you treat me good, I'll treat you better. If you treat me bad, I'll give you double the treatment.

Just like the saying, 你敬我一尺,我敬你一丈.

Any kiasu cases you wanna share?


  1. Yeap typical of Malaysian drivers & Kiasu attitude "is over-the-limit" for some - can see almost kiasu anywhere!!

    It's true oso cannot always give in less u r like a doormat walk-all over - but feel funny when imagine the rude & angry Hayley as opposed to nice hayley customary LOL

    I'm afraid my kiasu encounter stories will be thicker than 1001 night arabian tales

  2. Ooo...both my kids are kiasu type... When 1 have something, the other one must have the same. Else, you will hear screaming and crying in the house. *faint*

  3. hahahah~ Well, I usually give in for male fren. to give face to them and full fill their ego. Like wat we usually say: Give face la...

    Like a fren say to me just now:

    public calling, face to face with such people is useless...because in the end, you bring down yourself to their level in life only...ever heard of, wrestle with pig, you get dirty and they laugh?


  4. hahhaa...too many kiasu kiasi ppl nowadays. i think Chinese tend to be more kiasu/kiasi.

  5. I agree with Barb, Chinese are more kiasu and kiasi. But sometimes those kiasuness when over the limit is very annoying and irritating.I mean the person, tsk tsk!

  6. Let you and I try to be different la.. wa kia wa kia

  7. As usual the old Chinese saying goes: "1 kind of rice feed 100 kinds of people".

  8. I am not "su" but "si" only.. hahaha...

  9. Robinson, yes agree. Especially on the road!
    LOL, so many kiasu cases huh? :P

    mNhL, ok at least it's something normal for kids....

    Venie, LOL, give face....

    Barb, agree. Chinese are famous for its kiasuness~

    Yvonne, yes, some people is way too much!

    Eugene, LOL :P

    Bananaz, ya I know, lots of different characters~

    Claire, hey me too! :P

  10. hahaha, kiasu and kiasi are not Singaporean but Hokkien.. anyway, those attitudes are indeed well known from Singaporeans!! :D

    errr, handling kiasu and kiasi people?? well, i think just have to ignore them and do your own best.. :)

  11. I guess all of us have to be kiasu/kiasi at some point of our lives. It's a necessity for survival :) As for me, I think I'm most kiasi when it comes to feeding my family good and healthy food. There's nothing more important to me than having good health :)

  12. hahaha..sometimes need to be kiasu a bit depends on the situation, else just be courteous and give in.

  13. sometimes it's not worth the trouble to 'fight' with these people, especially if you are going there regally.what if they marked your car and damage it ? who will be the looser in the end? better be kiasu, kiasi rather si.

  14. Kiasu is international, everywhere you can find kiasu people. Jus as long as they don get into my way or try to take advantage of me, I am ok with them.

  15. Kiasu is a term that we always refer to the singaporeans huh hehe..but I think this kind of people are Everywhere.

  16. SK, yaya Singaporeans are well known for this~

    ChloeRuoyi, I agree. But some people are way too much!

    ChrisAu, correct, it gotto depends on situations.

    Johnnie, you got a point too!

    YT, I agree with you!

    Mummy Gwen, yes everywhere!

  17. This happen everyday in my girl's school, when I sent them or picked her up from school, I have to deal with a lot of kiasu parents/drivers. Going to school and back from school time, you better avoid the school area.

  18. I kia si also hahaha

    Kia su I think some from my heart la . . . As in working way I think . . . tsk tsk tsk must change!

  19. my place here driving alot of people wan fast also . . . Kia Su Beh Kia Si punya orang hahaha

  20. Yan, thanks for reminding me. I will remember that ^^

    Kian Fai, haha they are more kiasu than kiasi huh...

  21. now I am kia pui . . . I got 2 rounds of ramadhan buffet and now I updated the 2nd 1 :P

    I beh Kia SI because I always tell myself I will Kiam Pui AHAH!

    P.S.: I memang de pui . . .

  22. Well said! Yalor, in terms on the road too...the best way to avoid accident is to give in to these kiasu idiots while driving!=_=

  23. Haha we have now *kia pui* by Kian Fai and then maybe another *kia bor* how about in this hungry ghost month *kia kooi*?

  24. Kian Fai, LOL. Eat first, think later right?

    Alice, ya better don't take the risk with them.

    Bananaz, I m sure there are people out there who 'kia bor' and 'kia kooi'!


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