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3 down, 6 to go!

It was my ex school mate aka ex colleague's big day last weekend, congratulations to Celine! =)

The pretty bride just back from her makeup and hairdo

Took a group photo with her before the bridegroom and his heng dai arrived!

As well as individual shot ;)

Some of the games we prepared, haha. Overall the heng dai were quite cooperate la~

Oh yes, finally! =)

And in the evening, hubby and I attended Celine's wedding reception.

Recognise these 2 cute kids? Yep, they are Yvonne's kids

Celine looked stunning in her red gown, that made her looked even fairer!

My ex lunch mates ;)

Hubby was the photographer that night, LOL

It was a surprise he actually wanted to attend the dinner with me, cause he had never accompany me to any 'company' functions before. His first concern when I invited him was 'Uu jiu lim bo? (means 'got beer served?') =_=""

With the bride again

You sure familiar with these faces, hehe :P

The food for the night

Overall, we were satisfie…


Hi all, I'm back! ;)

BDS gang and I were invited by Ken to his brother's wedding reception last week, it was held at Soon Lee restaurant.

A photo of the newly wed. The bride stays so slim and beautiful even after giving birth to a cute baby gal (Yep, they held the wedding reception after the baby was born)

3 tables for Black Dog Society (BDS) but not fully occupied

The guys usually wear BDS shirts to wedding receptions, provided if the couples and their family are not pantang of black~ (That's Ken in blue)

Black and white, hehe

With some of the girls

Live band from Wind Music, Penang. Voices are great, but they are not so good in delivering the speech

As for food, nothing to shout about

Soon Lee restaurant used to be famous in their good taste of food, but the quality has dropped significantly

Still figure out what is BDS? Well, find us on Facebook, LOL :P

Just to let you know....

Image take from here
Ever have the feeling of just not in the mood to blog properly, whereas you actually have few things in mind you'd like to blog about? Well, that's what happening to me now.. =_=

That's all, will do a proper update soon!

Best of wishes

Next day after the barchelorette party, we dressed up nicely to attend KY registration at Thian Hou Gong.

Photo taken at Esther's bedroom

Thian Hou Gong, I've not been there for yearsss..

Here's KY and her soon to be hubby, Kim

Best wishes from all of us!

The signing ceremony is simple and ended quickly

Them in the swearing room, this procedure took less than 15 mins

With the procedures done, we managed to take more photos

With the pretty KY again

But the weather was hot that morning =_=

Later on, both of them had a quick praying at the temple upstair

The temple is spacious and nice

After the registration, KY and hubby treated us to a lunch at Cheong Wah restaurant, Puchong.

The ladies

Yours truly with KY

Enjoying the air cond....

Overall, the food is nice and service is good too

Lastly, a kiss from them to end the post. So sweet~ Congratulations to them again, I shall see them again in Nov!

That's all for today, enjoy your Friday and see you next week! ^^

Barchelorette night

Not for me of course :P But for them.......

SH in black who is getting married next month, and KY in pink who is getting married in Nov

Some of us before the party started
l-r: yours truly, SH, Crystal, Esther

The host, Esther, prepared all these for us, thank you dear!

And we had a handsome guy who keep us company that night, muahahah

Some of us...

As usual, we had a good time catching up and laughing, while feeding our tummies. This is a all gals party, and basically we were in our sleep wears, so I think it's safer not to reveal too much of the photos. But those photos surely a memorable collection! ;)

Later that night, Esther brought us to Bar 21 at Bangsar.
We had some drinks, took some photos, and enjoyed the music there. Also, enjoy watching the leng zai ang moh there, hahaha :P

Wanna ask the 2 barchelorettes to perform some tricks, but they were too shy...

Another purpose of this trip is to attend KY's registration at Thian Hou Gong the next day, will blog about it next~

Sushi 2.0

The last sushi making session was 2 years ago which I've blogged about HERE.

Now, after the movie Nasi Lemak 2.0, we lauched our own Sushi 2.0, LOL :P

Some of the ingredients, not all are bought here, most of them are bought from Jusco Penang

Preparing the food....

Yay :D

Let's start shall we?

Almost there.......

Of course they key thing is to make a good sushi rice, but I'm not going to elaborate on this as I've already mentioned in my previous post. Alternatively, you can search for the steps online.

Tada! This time sushi session was faster and smoother, as we already learnt how to cook a good sushi rice, and with the RM5 sushi mould from Daiso, it actually speed up the whole process

We cooked the whole pack of sushi rice and utilised all the ingredients, these able to make about 5 big plates of sushi altogether

Panda look alike sushi, LOL

Last but not least, a group photo to end this fun event!

Are you a fan of sushi? Hungry now? :P