Friday, September 30, 2011

3 down, 6 to go!

It was my ex school mate aka ex colleague's big day last weekend, congratulations to Celine! =)

The pretty bride just back from her makeup and hairdo

Took a group photo with her before the bridegroom and his heng dai arrived!

As well as individual shot ;)

Some of the games we prepared, haha. Overall the heng dai were quite cooperate la~

Oh yes, finally! =)

And in the evening, hubby and I attended Celine's wedding reception.

Recognise these 2 cute kids? Yep, they are Yvonne's kids

Celine looked stunning in her red gown, that made her looked even fairer!

My ex lunch mates ;)

Hubby was the photographer that night, LOL

It was a surprise he actually wanted to attend the dinner with me, cause he had never accompany me to any 'company' functions before. His first concern when I invited him was 'Uu jiu lim bo? (means 'got beer served?') =_=""

With the bride again

You sure familiar with these faces, hehe :P

The food for the night

Overall, we were satisfied with the food presented that night

Once again, congratulations to Celine and her hubby on the wedding! Thanks for inviting us too~

Now 3 wedding receptions were over, 6 more to go until this year end!

p/s: Forgot to say, hubby enjoyed himself quite alot that night, LOL.


  1. haha.. looks like this year is a good year to get married?? :p

  2. I love the suckling pig. That's the only dish I will look forward to when I attend a wedding dinner. hehehe

  3. 6 more weddings to attend?? *pengsan*

    Celine is a beautiful bride. My congratulations to her and her hubby :)

  4. Hayley, my husband would ask the same question too if I were to ask him to go. Your husband is a fun guy. Thank you for bringing him along, enjoy his humour and jokes. Thanks for all the picture too.

  5. LOL @ 'Uu jiu lim bo?' My hubb also will ask the same question when come to invitation. Kaki botol, hmpf! But without the alcohol, the party isn't complete, right?

    Glad your hubb enjoyed himself althought he doesn't 'friend' with anyone, kekeke!

  6. U seemed to have endless weddings to attend :)

    But it's good to be there to share the happiness of the newly weds right? Esp close friends :)

  7. this year u received a lot red boom, next year will receive a lot red eggs liao~ wahaha...
    p/s: u'r so sweet and pretty on both dress ^^

  8. Congraz to ur friends!
    wish she happy forever =)

  9. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to :

    Make it as a feel happy & joyous occasion postings ! ("mission i am possible")

    wah 6 more to GO & good luck!! :)

  10. What? It's October now and you have 6 more to go??? Phew~ You'll be sick of all the wedding dishes man... :p

  11. Wow, Celine looks stunning tht day, so were u girls!

    6 to go?!!! *Pengsan!

  12. so many samans!! i have 2 to go :D

  13. COngrats to your friend, Celine on her recent wedding! Wow, 6 more weddings to go till end this years....that's really a lot of wedding for my standard! ^_^

  14. Wow..still 6 to go..that's alot. Congrats to the beautiful bride and groom. Yes, I see a few familiar faces there. ;) All the ladies were gorgeous that day.

  15. It's the most auspicious year for marriage! Hehe.. Wishing your friend a beautiful wedding and a happy and long life~~

  16. SK, every year is a good year I guess, LOL.

    mNhL, oo I dont really like cause of the calories.. haha.

    Barb, yea 6 more~

    Yan, haha glad that you all enjoyed~

    Yvonne, yes agree!

    YT, yep, that's the best part!

    Evelyn, I hope too~

    min~aris, yea I wish her the same too.

    Robinson, Alice, Mummy Gwen, haha thanks!

    Shirlexia, that's the disadvantages knowing so many friends, LOL.

    Merryn, oh you're better~

    Alice Phua, yea... =_=

    Beverly's Secret, yea I heard that too!

  17. All of you looked so gorgeous that day :) Wow, you have 9 wedding invitations within a few months *sweat*


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