Thursday, September 22, 2011

Barchelorette night

Not for me of course :P But for them.......

SH in black who is getting married next month, and KY in pink who is getting married in Nov

Some of us before the party started

l-r: yours truly, SH, Crystal, Esther

The host, Esther, prepared all these for us, thank you dear!

And we had a handsome guy who keep us company that night, muahahah

Some of us...

As usual, we had a good time catching up and laughing, while feeding our tummies. This is a all gals party, and basically we were in our sleep wears, so I think it's safer not to reveal too much of the photos. But those photos surely a memorable collection! ;)

Later that night, Esther brought us to Bar 21 at Bangsar.

We had some drinks, took some photos, and enjoyed the music there. Also, enjoy watching the leng zai ang moh there, hahaha :P

Wanna ask the 2 barchelorettes to perform some tricks, but they were too shy...

Another purpose of this trip is to attend KY's registration at Thian Hou Gong the next day, will blog about it next~


  1. Well, I've always love muscular men in pink boxers, muahahaha! And did you girls have slumber party after the food to burn down the calories?

  2. you girls are in sleep wear? must be sexay...... too bad u're not posting them up. anyway, it's fun to have a group of bffs spending time together makan-makan and chit chatting

  3. u got so much of activities! Good to have fun while still young :D

  4. Yvonne, haha we love that guy too :P
    Yep, we had lots of fun during the party..

    Ying Ying, hehe *blush*
    Sorry no more photos due to privacy purpose, LOL.

    mNhL, yea, enjoying life before the little ones come along~

  5. It was really a fun party and night for all you ladies. Night wear party sounded so cool and sexy.

  6. Girls' party!!! Yay, with lots of yummy food too, sadly... I hv missed this, sob sob... now even if I hosted one, it'll more likely be a 'Auntie Party'!

  7. BFFs party juga kan,well there is surely a different or two before and after marriage but one thing we must always steadfastly true to ,,,treasure the good friendship,a call is always easy to do..

  8. hehehe, all gals party?? wow, can be as notti as you all want lah.. so did you all call for a male striptease?? kekekeke~~ :p

  9. Wow, with sleep wear...Congrats to Tingy next mth and KY.

  10. GAL version of celebration before the "death row" LOL

    Jz kidding - sure have lots of funs with chee muis

  11. Eh, I spotted ur Elmo tee, I have one in this green, with Elmo too but not sure if is the same one. Does look quite alike @.@ LoL

  12. then u next two month geh post all is wedding post d =)
    How sweet =)

  13. fuiyoh got wine! :P the best companion of the night for you girls :P

    no hire itik ar? :P jk jk

  14. girls are so happening. Party all night huh..hehe. Congrats to the lovely brides to be. :)

  15. Yan, yea, we had heaps of fun~

    Alice, hey auntie party also ok wert! ^^

    Eugene, yep, our friendship last forever~

    SK, we wanted too, but cant find one, cause too expensive! haha.

    Angeline, it's Tingki by the way :P

    Robinson, yea of course!

    YT, it was for my hubby initially, but too small for him, LOL.

    min~aris, haha not really la..

    Kian Fai, the wine is nice~ no, no itik :P

    Mummy Gwen, yea party all night~

  16. Somehow I wish to be that guy in the poster XD

  17. Shenny's mommy, yea~

    Daniel, are you sure? Haha.. :P

  18. Ah lovely bachelorette party!

    BTW, long time no chat :)


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