Friday, September 23, 2011

Best of wishes

Next day after the barchelorette party, we dressed up nicely to attend KY registration at Thian Hou Gong.

Photo taken at Esther's bedroom

Thian Hou Gong, I've not been there for yearsss..

Here's KY and her soon to be hubby, Kim

Best wishes from all of us!

The signing ceremony is simple and ended quickly

Them in the swearing room, this procedure took less than 15 mins

With the procedures done, we managed to take more photos

With the pretty KY again

But the weather was hot that morning =_=

Later on, both of them had a quick praying at the temple upstair

The temple is spacious and nice

After the registration, KY and hubby treated us to a lunch at Cheong Wah restaurant, Puchong.

The ladies

Yours truly with KY

Enjoying the air cond....

Overall, the food is nice and service is good too

Lastly, a kiss from them to end the post. So sweet~ Congratulations to them again, I shall see them again in Nov!

That's all for today, enjoy your Friday and see you next week! ^^


  1. You looks so pretty and everyone also look pretty!

  2. You look really stunning and congrats to the newly wed!

  3. Girls rule! Eh, no groom's entourage attending the ceremony?

    Despite the hot weather, you still maintain your coolness~~

  4. You ladies are such good friends, all the way to KL for your friend's ROM. It was definitely a great get-together.

  5. It's always nice to be there for your friends on their important days in life...

    Too bad I gonna miss out my friend's ROM cos I am attending my sis in law's graduation :'(

  6. So nice to be going out with the ladies and have fun!

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  8. looks like your are more excited than the bride. nice gathering. as with most gathering we always end up with food. congrats to your friend.

  9. Angeline, Daniel, thank you!

    Yvonne, there were guys, but not in my photos, hehe.

    Yan, yea, that shows how deep our friendship is.. hehe.

    YT, oh that's too bad :(

    Claire, yea.. nice kan?

    Johnnie, haha did I? :P

    Robinson, ;)

  10. Best wishes too to your friend too and her hubby!

    Btw, I did my marriage vows/signing at Jab. Pendaftaran Negara's queue and nothing lavish....just simple one.

  11. loving all the guys are so beautiful!! ^^

  12. Wow.... Becoming 'sister" to your blissful friend, and lots of good food! Must exercise hor! :)

  13. Alice Phua, well thats good, save times!

    Aemy Shamy, Merryn, thanks.

    ChrisAu, I always exercise one, hehe.

  14. The last pic is so sweet!

    We had our registration at Tien Hou temple too, tht was such wonderful moment!

  15. Alice, I bet it was a wonderful experience for everybody ^^


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