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Just a short post before the weekend arrives! =)

I've been drinking this collage drink for about a week already.....

It's from this brand, 满点肌, a product from Japan

10 bottles for the price of RM145

According to the SA, this collagen drinks will make your skin flawless after consuming for a period of time. And now after a week of consuming it, I did not see any significant improvement on my face. But one thing I realise is that my nose has become smoother and less blakcheads! Not sure is it the results of this drinks, but to me it's still a good news! =)

Anyway, my main purpose wasn't to buy this collagen drinks at first, I was looking for the eye mask actually, after reading the positive comments from Female magazine. 6 eye mask for the price of RM 155

The SA told me if I buy their collagen drinks, I'd entitled a 40% discount for the eye mask (yea, business tactics) So that's why I ended up buying the collagen drinks (which I never had before, cause I was worried of the side effects)

One thing I like about this eye mask is the specially designed shape, which moisturise the temples, upper eyelid and under eye area. And the mask smells good too~

Wondering why I'm in love with eye mask? Cause the skin around the eyes are the most delicate, and we should always take good care of it to avoid wrinkles/dark circles/eye bags, before it's too late. This is also the area which will betrays you and reveal your age.......

Til then, happy weekend to all~

p/s: 满点肌 is available at Sasa


  1. Wah! So good, flawless skin, where you bought it?

  2. That collagen water = unisex??

    Hayley know how to "pau yang" very wonder look good :)

    It's true circle below the eye is the "betrayer"

    Good weekend ahead #1!!

  3. Forget to say pricey for RM14.5 per bottle - "miracle drink" for premium price!!

  4. I was thinking to buy the collagen drink too but another brand (forget which brand..hehe) from the pharmacies.

    Your skin already flawless and you are still young so maybe you can't see much difference lor. :) Or maybe 1 week is not long enough to see significance improvement?

  5. Hi Hayley, Holy Smoke! Cost that much?
    My wife takes a lots of tau fu, eats vegetables like a rabbiit, and lots of Chinese green tea, thats it. Cheap. Ha ha.
    So far so wrinkles yet.
    Have fun,

  6. hehehe, also go the men's version?? BTW, just a short post before the weekend?? not short also, the more you type the more you got to say leh~~ :p

  7. Yeah, this is the marketing strategy. I would fall for it without fail, most of the time, kekeke!

    Hmm, the shape if the eye mask is, em, unique :O

  8. 你的肌肤看起来一向来就很好,原来是护肤有功, 看起来很吸引一下,我有兴趣。可能也会尝试喝喝看。。。。

  9. 我很久没有买新的了~一直用着之前的~

  10. Yan, I got it from Sasa.

    Robinson, I guess it's unisex.... =_=
    Haha thank you~

    Mummy Gwen, yea I guess one box is not enough to see significant improvement.

    Lee, yea I reckon natural way is better~

    SK, haha, just a short post :P

    Yvonne, yes it's unique right? Don't normally see such eye mask.

    珊姑娘, 哈哈谢谢。。 你试了告诉我!:P

    min~aris, 好吧,希望对你有帮助!

    ChrisAu, thank you~ *blush*

  11. aiyo, u already have flawless skin wat! but it's good to maintain lah :D

  12. Merryn, yea we must maintain.. hehe


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