Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hi all, I'm back! ;)

BDS gang and I were invited by Ken to his brother's wedding reception last week, it was held at Soon Lee restaurant.

A photo of the newly wed. The bride stays so slim and beautiful even after giving birth to a cute baby gal (Yep, they held the wedding reception after the baby was born)

3 tables for Black Dog Society (BDS) but not fully occupied

The guys usually wear BDS shirts to wedding receptions, provided if the couples and their family are not pantang of black~ (That's Ken in blue)

Black and white, hehe

With some of the girls

Live band from Wind Music, Penang. Voices are great, but they are not so good in delivering the speech

As for food, nothing to shout about

Soon Lee restaurant used to be famous in their good taste of food, but the quality has dropped significantly

Still figure out what is BDS? Well, find us on Facebook, LOL :P


  1. Many weddings to attend lately!

  2. You didn't wear your BDS t-shirt? Kekeke, wearing something different is more outstanding, I like your white, er, tops (or dress)?

    I'm so envy... the bride still looks stunning with a newborn T____T

  3. Dear friend, you look sexy and sweet. The bride and groom are well-matched.

  4. Omigosh... The foods! The foods!

    And you look stunningly beautiful =)

  5. The season of weddings are here! You look very glamourous in white!

  6. Hahaha...BDS uniform - black for a wedding. Well, I think nowadays no more pantang larang because many also wore black dress when attending a wedding.

  7. nice to have you back. nice dress. you could be mistaken for the bride .:D
    wedding dinner is a nice time to catch up with friends too.

  8. The bride is really slim and pretty! I wouldn't know she just had a baby if you didn't tell ;) You looked very stunning too, Hayley... always stand out among the other girls :)

  9. I been to this restaurant. My sis wedding also held here. :)

  10. i would say nothing will challenge a lady's determination to look at her best on her big day, haha..

  11. Wow, she is indeed hvg beautiful figure!!! Her night gown is gorgeous too... hey, not fair... you were wearing beautiful dress and I can only see your top!^^

  12. I can only say i hope you don't feel burn-out from attending too many wedding LOL

  13. YT, yes agree!

    Yvonne, no I opted for white dress ;)

    Yan, Daniel, Claire, thanks!

    mNhL, yea I think so~ Black is a trend these days...

    Johnnie, correct, and lots of chit chat and laughters~

    ChloeRuoyi, I'm jealous at the bride too, hehe.

    ChrisAu, oh really...

    SK, everyone wants to look good on his/her big day. hehe.

    Alice, haha :D

    Robinson, I just feel that there's going to be a big hole in my pocket........


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