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Hotels and shopping (end of this travelogue)

The final post of my Sydney trip! Wanna do it quick before my readers started to feel bored....

We stayed at Oaks Pacific Blue Resort on the 1st night.

At the entrance

The surroundings are so nice! I was so excited when I googled about it at home before the trip

I am willing to stay here........

The standard room (ignore the mess on the bed please...)

A small pantry (basically this room is like a smaller version of home...)

What I see when I opened the balcony door

At the balcony. Too bad we were there for only a night... T.T

We stayed at Mercure Hotel for the rest of the nights... It's situated right in the heart of the city.

The room is much simpler, so nothing to shout about

As this incentive trip is more to sight seeing rather than shopping, we didn't really buy alot compare to last year. Exchange rate was AUD$1 = MYR 3.30.

At Chinatown, we had our meals here most of the time. There're lots of souvenir shops here but prices are slightly expensive

We dropped by Queen Victoria Building (QVB) one night before heading to dinner

One of my favourite photo ^^

Beautiful musical display in QVB

Didn't shop anything here cause most are branded designer brands

This is Paddy's market which located just opposite the Chinatown, we shopped here cause prices are negotiable *wink*

At the surroundings of Paddy's market, which is about 5 mins walk from the hotel we stayed

And here's something I bought.... Clothes from Paddy's market and Hard Rock

Some skin care products, soap made from sheep's wool and a pair of sandal from Rip Curl

Not forgetting fridge magnets, something I'll definetely buy whenever I go travel

Australia famous Nougats and macadamia nuts

Souvenirs for friends and family

Free gifts from York management, skin care product, Manuka honey and fish oil

They also gave us Omron blood pressure set, cause we ate too much during the trip, LOL

Alright this sum up my Sydney travelogue! I love this trip cause it's more relaxing and we din't visit those cathedrals/churches/museums, we approached more nature things instead! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


  1. Not a bad trip Hayley. Love the hotel's room! so relaxing...

  2. Nice wrap-up & last photo of Omron blood pressure set is quite "suggestive" LOL (as u put it)

    So many nice souvenirs for memory:-D

  3. Hi Hayley, I really enjoyed looking thru all the well taken pics here.
    Love that hotel and pool. Yes, I too would love stay there....

    A friend of ours only last week gave us a present, that 'automatic blood pressure' thing.
    Luckily my wife and I have normal pressures.
    Have fun, and keep well.

  4. Great shopping too besides sight seeing, right? Nice trip you have here...

  5. Awww, so fast you completed your travelogue dy!!! I still haven't done my Perth yet! Argh.

    When is the next vacation? hehehe.

  6. wow, so fast you finish your travelogue!! but good, i like it, haha!!

    love that hotel, so nice and contemporary!! the pool definitely would be my pick, and i like that little pantry too (not that little also lor)..

    yoh!! you bought so many things!! so one bag going there and return with two bags??!! :D

  7. It's more of sight seeing to shopping, eh? Good, good... can relax your mind and body. No need to rush for the next destination :)

  8. Thanks for the souvenir. I think the Australia goat milk lotion is good.

  9. This is such a wonderful trip. The gifts you received are really good. The hotels provided are so nice too!

  10. Neah, I love Australia, couldn't get enough of it to be frank!

    Wow, the swimming pool, I feel like jumping into it right away, how serene the environment was!^^

  11. Oh man! Your last entry about Australia? I wish to read more. Uhu!

    Referring to your Opera House Visit:
    After a few days, you surely made some good friends with the ladies on tour with you huh? I thought they were old, but most of them were quite young. Hahaha! The tour I took to KL few years back were different. I was with mostly old people. Hahah! But they were nice though.

    Now I wonder why you guys didn't enter the opera house? Was it forbidden or was it because the tour people would have to pay for it if you guys want to enter the building? Or maybe you guys had to wait for a show?

    Referring to the Bridge:
    That's a fantastic view. You can see Sydney at an ariel view. Were you not scared of height? Hehehe....I wonder.

    Today's post...
    Surely you had a good time there. I wish I can visit Sydney one day like you do. I did go to Sydney but only on a transit flight to New Zealand. But, nevermind, one day I will surely be able to go there with my family.

    Ok Hayley...all nice photos you got there. Enjoy your day yeah? Bye.

  12. Really enjoy reading your travelogue! Well done!

  13. ur photos are all very lovely!

    i love the balcony and i bet my hubs will spend the entire time there if we were to stay there @_@

  14. 我来读回你全部的悉尼post了,悉尼很美,你也很美啊!喜欢你全部的打扮。
    但是,做么这么快就完post了的!!!!??不甘心啊! >.< 我要看更多的 =p

  15. Angeline, yea cosy and nice~

    Robinson, haha ya, it was an unexpected gift.

    Lee, thank you!

    Claire, more on sight seeing actually.

    YT, dont wanna drag anymore cause I'm worried that my readers will feel bored! Next trip? Hmm, I'm waiting too.

    SK, short and simple right? Erm, no, 2 bags going, 2 bags return, haha.

    Yvonne, yea very relaxing and me like~

    Yan, welcome!

    ChloeRuoyi, yea consider not bad already.

    Alice, I felt like swimming there too.

    Willie, yea its nice being with them, most of them are friendly. It's not forbidden to go inside the Opera House, we were in there for a while but dint snap any photo. Nop, I'm afraid of height. hehe =) Thanks for the comment!

    Carrie, thanks dear~

    Merryn, I love it too.

    珊姑娘, 哈哈,没了,就酱罢了~ 我的打扮很普通,很随意罢了,还是你比较用心~


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