Monday, September 26, 2011

Just to let you know....

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Ever have the feeling of just not in the mood to blog properly, whereas you actually have few things in mind you'd like to blog about? Well, that's what happening to me now.. =_=

That's all, will do a proper update soon!


  1. Just seeing you last weekend, I can see that you are doing fine and happy. Best of luck, my dear friend.

  2. to spill out more??

    Anyway hope your mood will be better soon :-D

    - Black monday working mood? LOL

    The decision is yours but hopefully u will stand strong, my comrade

    I had many fallen comrade in blogging; hope u will not slowly bcome one of those "zombie"

  3. Is alright about long as you are happy...everything should be doing just fine....the cat picture looks very lazy eh....

  4. HeLLo HayLey,

    Oh dear...what happened? I trust that you'll be blogging again soon right? Go easy, you don't have to blog frequently, like what I'm doing now. Hahaha!

    Bachelor Night...
    Wow! I didn't have this event before I got married? You guys were cool...alll ladies night out without the guys to celebrate KY's last day of becoming a single.

    Gee...kind of funny you guys put pillows on your laps. What were you guys covering? Ahaks!

    KY's Registration...
    Congrats to your friend. She's finally married. This is the first time I've seen people got married in the temple's office (Is it?) I registered my marriage at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. And it's kind of funny when you said "Swearing". Sounded like a curse to me. I think what you meant was a "marriage oath". Ahaks!

    p/s : Get well soon in blogging yeah?

  5. cheer Hayley!'
    no matter wat happen, come, let me hug hug 1st =)
    wish to see ur update soon k ^^

  6. Blogging should be fun and not a chore. Just relax system temporary down haha.

  7. have a rest first then~
    Here should be a very relaxing place for you to release feeling~
    we always here =)
    cheers up ya ^^

  8. haha, no worries, this really happens all the time to most of us.. just take a break and am sure you'll be a lot better later~~ :p

  9. *nod, nod... agreed! I actually hvg the same blog swinging mood lately. Sigh...... it's time to slow down and prioritize on something more important liao!:)

  10. Happens to me many times..hehe. Hope your mood for blogging come back soon.

  11. yup, same with me. I think i've lost the mojo to blog. Time to take a break :) Take care.

  12. I'm having this mood too... lost my blogging mojo

  13. I think this is called ""writer's block?"... a lot of things to write about but dont know where to start and the mind seems not to be working.. i feel like that at times..

  14. Yeah! Sometimes I do too!
    And then you keep the stuff you wanted to blog about for a while then you will totally think it's out of date or totally think you wanna just ignore it altogether.

  15. cheer up babe~ hope u'r fine and blog more ok? take care ya.. miss

  16. It's normal I guess, it happens to me as well, thanks for the visit sis...

    His Unfailing Love

  17. I agree, it happens to many, you're not alone... Blessings here.

    Bacolod and Beyond

  18. Hi Hayley....I saw your lovely pic at Yvonne's sure look a million bucks!
    That smile of yours can make a man forget his mother's name.

  19. Dear all, thank you very much for the concern and support! I'm fine, just that sometimes feel lazy to blog, LOL. But with your support, I'll back on track soon! =)

  20. Yup, been there, done that.

    Just wish that u can pass that phase soon cos I love reading updates from your blog and it has become a norm on my working days :)

  21. LOL of hers signify she's fine but lazy only -"economic cycle of boom & recession"

    Cheers LOL


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