Friday, September 2, 2011

Merdeka celebration

Taking a break from my Sydney post =)

I travelled North to Penang on National Day, with hubby and 3 more friends. The main purpose, karaoke session and makan makan!

 A lady friend joined us there. We were at Neway, QB mall

 Karaoke included free flow drinks, salad buffet and a set of lunch for each of us. Sang alot for complete 3 hours! (yea!)

As for dinner, we settled at a seafood restaurant called Hai Boey (direct translate: end of the sea), it's located at Bayan Lepas and took us about 10 mins to reach there.

 It was 5pm~

 Exactly by the beach. But the sea water is abit dirty though

 The restaurant is quite big, and not many people yet when we reached

 Yours truly

 Advanced touch screen monitor to take orders.....

And here's what we ordered:

 Signature fried eggplant with meat (RM9)

 Stir fry long beans (RM12)

 Steamed coral grouper (RM175)

 Steam tofu with minced meat (RM15)

 Curry prawns in coconut shell (RM20)

Total bill including drinks is RM269. Can't really judge it's cheap or expensive, as I know seafood in Penang is quite expensive.... But overall the food is nice, especially the curry prawns, the taste is unique. 

Here's the address for your information!


  1. Wow....k box and then good food by the seaside ! That's great! Im sure u really enjoyed this trip and you look as gorgeous as ever!

  2. Love the Karaoke-ing... and the curry prawns in coconut.. but I feel the price is quite expensive...
    well, as long as happy, price is not a problem, right? :p

  3. Nice gathering there with great frends, fun kara-ok and great food too! miss u d..when we can meet for lunch har?

  4. wa Hayley,
    always bloging about makan one leh. makes me drooling only. anway did you catch up with Eugene since you were at Penang?

  5. Another nice trip :-D

    Penang with it's glorious foods esp assam laksa!! & some nice beach

    Haha, Hayley still like to go K

    Good weekend ahead!

  6. Wow the fish @RM175 gotta excuse me Hayley *checked few times for any typo hahaha* Bananaz *chiak bee hmm chai bee keh* eat rice dunno rice price. Seldom go to restaurant in Penang but go hawkering oops I mean go for hawker food.

  7. We usually eat at Hao You, which is nearby (but a more hidden location) because it's cheaper. Hai Boey is a little overpriced for locals but very popular among tourists.

  8. karaoke oo~ u sing merdeka song ar? haha

    Garupa fish! *yumm*

  9. Nice sing and delicious food. But the fish is a tad expensive.

  10. so enjoyed ur merdeka day ohh ^^ I like the curry prawn, so special...

  11. wow, really enjoying your holidays huh.. karaoke and nice food, so happy!! the food look really good lor, so enticing, especially the coconut curry prawns, wow~~

  12. Hi Hayley, I love Penang! And the food dishes all look sinfully that steamed fish. One of my favourites.
    Everytime I see your pics reminds me of the song, 'China doll', *wink*.
    Have fun and keep well.

  13. Penang always the heaven for food, but the fish was indeed very pricey..and it looks small...

  14. ChrisAu, haha thank you!

    Claire, correct, as long as enjoy, then it's worth!

    Angeline, missing you ladies as well. I'm ok anytime, just let me know earlier!

    Johnnie, nope, hehe, just me and my friends!

    Robinson, yea and singing will be my forever love!

    Bananaz, that's an expensive right!

    YT, yea I know hao you too. Hmm, I was a tourist then? :P

    Kian Fai, haha I'm not that patriotic yet! Shhh...

    Yvonne, Iyson, correct. It's count by gram..

    Evelyn, yes enjoyed, it's the longg holidays afterall.

    SK, gotto agree that the coconut prawns is unique!

    Lee, hmmm, I'll take that as a compliment, LOL.

  15. The fried egg plant with meat really gorgeous, yum yum!^^

  16. Great celebration! SO happening lah you all. :)

  17. Alice, yes! It's their signature dish I heard.

    Mummy Gwen, hehe, enjoy while we can~


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