Monday, September 19, 2011

Mid Autumn Festival 2011

I've been MIA in the blogsphere for a few days and now I have lots to catch up on =_=

Anyway, I was at KL for a short trip to attend a friend's hens night and registration ceremony, it wasn't me driving but I felt really tired these few days... Must be not getting enough sleep/rest... =_=

Ok back to the topic, mid autumn festival is officially over and similar to previous years, Taiping Lake Garden was real happening! Lots of crowd, candles, lanterns and fireworks!

My favourite mooncakes, from Baker's Cottage

Black Dog Society (BDS) organized a BBQ session at Sentosa Villa

Apart from eating, we had a small candles session too

These lanterns are not cheap these days....

Yours truly with ex colleagues at Lake Garden (photo credits to an expert photographer, Dee King)

We prepared some food and drinks and had heaps of fun there~

Well, Mid Autumn Festival in August in Lunar calendar is not the only celebration, many people are getting married too in this auspicious month, and the months to come. Believe it or not, I received 9 wedding invitations from now on until end of this year.... God bless my pocket.......................


  1. Wah so many red bombs:-D

    Testament of many friends - pro & cons LOL

    Nice to keep up this celebration / tradition with family & friends

  2. You stand out wearing white among the other black dog mostly in black lolz. Wow kena 9 'summons'. Some people get offended for not being invited and some get offended by being invited especially its outstation. Its a crazy world huh? hahaha.

  3. Urs Mid Autumn Festival celebration was fun!

  4. I bought moon cake Jing Ti Yuan and Baker Cottage this year. Jing Ti Yuan has my favourite Durian favour one.

  5. Nice gatherings with your friends there. True, true... Sept-Dec is the peak season for Chinese weddings. LOL at your last statement "God bless my pocket" :D

  6. wah...feel so young again by holding the lanterns. 9 red bombs! That's a lot...but a happy occasion indeed.

  7. moooooooooon cake.... bbbbbbb bbbbbbb qqqqqqq! iiiiii waaaaaant!

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration with your friends. :)

  9. oh yes, the weekend and the coming ones are auspicious. My cousin's daughter just got married over the weekend. Looks like your single friends are getting hitched one by one :)

  10. oh you guys really went out to have fun celebrating mid autumn festival. I wonder if the kids will be screaming hey I thought this is our party ? :D

  11. Someone gave me Baker's mooncakes too.. but i couldnt finish them all. :) Great lantern festival you all had..

  12. so happening!! where was i during the mid-autumn's night?? oh, i was rushing for my assignments!! haiz~~ :(

  13. Happy moon cake festival! =)
    but this year i dint eat moon cake lar~

  14. All look happy & I love the pic of 5 beautiful ladies ard the tree with lanterns hanging, very nice!


  15. Robinson, I agree, pros and cons...

    Bananaz, yea crazy world, lots of different characters~

    Angeline, yea not bad!

    Yan, sure you love the durian ones!

    ChloeRuoyi, haha really wert, God bless my pocket~

    mNhL, it would be happier if someone sponsored the ang pao money, LOL.

    Daniel, haha :D

    Mummy Gwen, yea we did!

    Barb, yep, no more bachelor life!

    Johnnie, haha no screaming la!

    Claire, Dora, thanks!

    SK, oh poor you, hope it wont the same next year!

    min~aris, oh why?

  16. What a happy Mid Autumn gathering... wow, 9 ang pao to go, sweat for u too, lol!

  17. We also bought Baker's Cottage mooncakes for our parents. Nice!

    This is the first year I did not burn any lanterns... Not in the mood to play donno why.

  18. 9 bombs?! Haha, lots of happy celebrations and friends gatherings =)

  19. Alice, sweat right? =_="

    YT, oh I wonder why too!

    Yvonne, happy for my friends, but sad for my pocket, LOL...


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