Thursday, September 1, 2011

A morning at Tobruk Sheep Station

We visited Tobruk Sheep Station on day 4, it's far away from the Sydney city and at here, we experience real fresh air and great view! No hustle bustle.

Bill the horse welcomed us!

Here's Mr Gordon and Bill

Mr Gordon is very nice and friendly, he showed us all around the farm. And he prepared tea and home made bread for us

Here's our tea time!

Meet Kelly, she takes care of the sheeps and chicken here

And she loves to dance too! hehe

This is Snow, he too takes care of the sheeps

More horses around the farm

Yours truly~

Hubby and I with them~

Next, we were given a pack of food to feed the sheeps

It was fun! But seeing them running to you was abit scary, LOL. Mr Gordon told us, they were just hungry, they won't hurt you...

All food gone!

Mr Gordon also showed us how he usually muster the sheeps, with the helps of Kelly and Snow

Spotted this cute lazy cat! Yea, I love dogs and cats!

We had lunch here too!

Hubby's steak

Aussie BBQ styled chicken, with grilled potato and pumpkin

Healthy salad

We too watched how Mr Gordon sheared the sheep.

From nice and thick fur......

.. to totally hairless, haha


  1. Oops you went for a strip tease show in SYD gee stripped off everything..naked to the bone haha.

  2. Like 'Snow' with the black patch and wah lots of baa-baa-baa!!!!hehe

  3. Hayley & hubby turned shepherd (mek-mek sound in the background) - The shearing before & after transformation quite scary (Imagine if it's human!)

    Jz kidding - Sure lots of fun & things learned :p

  4. counting sheep eh Hayley?
    nice steak. straight from the farm?

  5. hey, are you following the tour? last time i went, they never took me there to see striptease show! hahaha.. i mean sheep tease show.. :)

  6. Awww the dogs and sheep are super cute!

    Looks like a very fun trip for u, a lot of outdoorsy activities and new experiences.

  7. Ah... the sheep is sheared, the outcome looks like brazilian wax, hahaha!

    Is the horse cold? Why is it wearing a blue coat?

  8. what a lovely and fun trip. made me wanna fly there too :) been following your oz vacation :)

  9. Wah Yvonne Bananaz didnt notice lah. You've got sharp eyes like that also you no run eye seeing the horse wearing skirt? Female mah wearing skirt is 'cheng siong *Canto*' hahaha. Just a cloth cant really protect the cold why not we hear it for the horse's mouth and see what Harley has to say..~;).heheh

  10. Arrrhhh... You're making me miss Australia!!!

  11. Bananaz, haha! But really, I did went to a real strip club during the trip :P
    LOL, you're real funny! By the way, my name is Hayley!!

    Robinson, yea quite scary for a human being!

    Claire, yes, the tour agent arranged that.

    YT, and super smart too!!

    Yvonne, may be he's cold.. Horses there are so 'ho mia' right!

    Barb, thank you! More to come!

    Shirlexia, consider a pre honeymoon tour there with your deardo!

  12. Ooops slip of the fingers no fault of the mind. In school always kena to write 1000 times when Bananaz make a silly you go..

    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    By the way, her name is Hayley!!
    X100 times = 1000times

  13. Wah lah Bananaz....., memory fading liao....ha ha ha!

  14. LOL @ Bananaz...

    Tht's a great experience with herd of sheeps, I didn't knw they could use pincher to herd the sheep, Snow is so handsome and his owner must hv love him so much to let him take the horsie ride together!

    The food looks great too, especially taking whn surrounded by greens!^^

  15. It's a great experience to mingle with the sheeps :-)


  16. Bananaz, LOL!! YOu're real funny =D

    Pete, haha, yalo, hopefully now he remembers! :P

    Alice, yep, the dogs are so smart and cute!

    Dora, yea, unforgettable experience!

  17. I guess going to farms are quite standard in any Australian tours. We did that too :)


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