Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My ex lunch mates

Had a short met up with my ex colleagues last week during lunch hour. Venue was Xin Tian Tian restaurant at Kamunting, I've blogged about it here.

Fried mini spring rolls (This one taste nice!)

Deep fried baby crabs (Taste nice but some are too hard to chew, LOL. And not recommended to eat too often as they're hard to digest)

Sambal lady fingers (spicy and hot, me like~)

Golden fried rice (My favourite, as I'm a rice lover)

Yvonne snapped a photo of me, but we din't snap a group photo *slap forehead* (Well, let's snap more this coming weekend ^^)

Thank you Yvonne, Yan, Angeline, Celine and Lorita for the lunch treat! I miss you ladies~


  1. looks yummy.
    for the lady fingers caption did you make a mistake?
    it should read hot and spicy like me ma. :D

  2. Baby crabs! Oh crabs I'm hungry already T_T

  3. Hey York Mei,can you enlighten me on this,,,have you found a job already or are you still "vacationing"cos i remember you were telling,you left job,went kai kai,came back but not mentioning about job kan?

  4. those baby crabs you can just put one and chew it in your mouth kan?
    nice photos n yummy food... i'm hungry now... @.@

  5. You still look beautiful without makeup.

  6. Oh deep fried baby crabs are hard to chew?? I'm always ignorant on finding nice good food

    Anyway, Nice makan-makan again

  7. I miss the Golden fried rice....really taste good even with just sambal.

  8. Sure got chance to snap again one.. :)

  9. yeah, i too found those mini spring rolls very enticing, haha!! snap more photos, group photos i mean, next time lah~~ :)

  10. Mmm...yummy food. great to see the old friends again huh?

  11. Johnnie, haha I checked, the caption is correct :P

    Daniel, LOL...

    Eugene, thanks for your concern, yep I'm working already =)

    Ying Ying, you can put alot, LOL. But I ate one by one, haha.

    Shenny's mommy, thanks.

    Robinson, cause they were hard...

    Angeline, me too!

    Claire, yep, looking forward to this weekend!

    SK, sure sure~

    Barb, yes it was a nice met up!

  12. Hayley, see you this weekend, we must snap, snap and snap more pictures together. I miss you, too. You always so pretty.

  13. Let's go there for another round ;) I missed those food~~

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  15. Merryn, hehe food havent serve yet ma! :P

    Yan, haha no la... But anyway, see you ladies this weekend~

    Yvonne, yea jom!

  16. I love the golden fried rice too, looks delicious!

  17. Alice, yea, it's special and yummy!


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