Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Opera house and Bondi beach

Back to my Sydney trip travelogue =)

Let the pictures do the talking shall we?

We went to The Rocks area one fine morning, here's Opera House and Harbour Bridge from far, with a beautiful sky~

Also lots of skycrapers. That's Sydney Tower on the left

Some of us~

Hubb and I with the blurred background

Yours truly with the some of the ladies

And all of us, the representatives from Perak

Us again~ Sun shining bright but the wind was cold!

On Mrs Macquaries chair, go Google for the history behind it

We were much closer to the Opera House during afternoon!

Coincidentally no people at the background, haha

Hubb and I again

We then took an hour cruise ride...

Us with the flag

Ladies group photo

Enjoying the wind~

No need to comb your hair nicely here :P The cruise is big and sailing steadily, so no dizziness or vomit after that

Reaching the port, the coach brought us to the famous beach at Sydney, Bondi (pronounce as bon-dai).

Stopped by the rich-people-neighbourhood while on the way to Bondi beach. We passed by alot of big and nice mansions along the way

The beautiful Bondi beach

Too bad we were running outta time, else I wanna swim here, LOL

Had some fun at the beach

Our shadows

Spotted this cutie~

And the owner was kind enough to allow me to take a photo with her ^^

Ok, that's all for today. 2 more posts to go before I wrap up this travelogue!


  1. Why only wrote 'EK & YM'? Why didn't draw a big heart shape with I love you or You love Me wordings? hehehehe! See you tomorrow ya!

  2. Hey, did you manage to meet any Aussie celebraties, like Nicole Kidman or Hugh Jackman at the rich-people neighbourhood :p

    Luckily you didn't dip in the deep blue sea there. Read in the news a couple of weeks ago, a surfer was attacked by shark and ripped into half at one of the Aussie beach. Scary... the rescuers couldn't find his lower body.

    Btw, I like your 'natural-blown-hair' photo. You look, em, natural, hehehe!

  3. eih, nice place to go and a must-go in Sydney!! but i've not been there before lah, haha~~ :D

  4. I am sure you have still got loads of Aussie to share kan? roll them in,roll them in........

    One thing sad though,Aussie currency is high,so how lah? money is not enough, 4 go, i think at least 15 k,,

  5. Imprinting your feet on bondi beach plus the pics of hair blown by wind - nice !

  6. First time visit your blog, very nice.

  7. Nice blue skies!!! Is it cold btw? U guys wore quite thick!

  8. Sydney is awesome right. I went on a back-packing trip to Oz with my college mates more than 10 years ago for a month. We managed to cover Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. One of the best experiences in my life. :)

    Now I think back..hehe..we didn't go to Bondi Beach but to another beach (forgot the name already).

    Lovely photos. Your hair was flying and still look pretty. :)

  9. Yan, haha ya ho, why... =_=
    Ok, see you later~

    Yvonne, no I wish to meet them too! But we passed by Russell Crowe's mansion :P

    SK, well plan for a trip then ^^

    Eugene, yes their currency is getting higher...

    Robinson, thanks!

    Mister Leaf, thank you!

    ChrisAu, it was cold sometimes, especially when wind blows and raining.

    Mummy Gwen, yea it's a relaxing place with nice view! Thanks!

  10. Hayley,

    your hair flying , so carefree. did you swim by the sea?
    was hoping to see some photos by the sea with your two piece. :D

  11. The wind was COLD yet you "didn't wear much" which means you can really tolerate cold weather hehe. I was all wrapped up in thick jacket :p

    Bondi beach is really famous and nice. I think in summer, you can even see topless ladies sun-bathing there hehe.

  12. Johnnie, nope, no chance... may be next time? LOL.

    ChloeRuoyi, yes overall it was tolerable~
    Yep, it's one famous naked beach, heheh..

    mNhL, me too~

  13. Ohhh, tht looks like a snow dog, so cute!!! Sorry, got distracted by cutie pup liao!

    Beautiful scenery, I nvr thought of going to Sidney, now I must reconsider it, lol!

  14. ALice, yea bring your whole family there! =)

  15. wat a nice scenery. i luv the photo with you and your hair blown by the wind. so lovely! :)


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